k so i jus heard that new york will or passed the law for same sex marriage. im straight all the way i hav my babe. but y do ppl tak that as bein the worst thing if ppl hav learnd 2 live wit worst? like rapin thy jus go 2 prison notin else. i tlk bout rape cuz ik how it feels 2 b a step away from it. it leaves scares that will never heal. bt same sex marriage if they dont hurt others y make it big deal? i hav friends n family who love the same sex. yet they dont do nothing to me. y is it many ppl think it is? or is it that i have a open mind to take ppl how they are no matter what? dont mean to offend no one. im catholic too. and they say its a big sin.

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I think people have their own opinions and they should be able to follow them without being judged.
I think Hanna's rite.
I don't go against any of it. Im just trying to get that to people. Like if you don't like it well just don't put the people who are into that down. Because they never know if the ones they love are like those. It just got me so mad when my friends were talking about that. And I have friends who are like that but i don't worry because they don't bother me at all.
I'm catholic 2.. But I've never met a lesbian or homosexual, but I still think they should have happiness 2

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