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all of these haha except for the french friend not sending the magazines lol

almasy87 said:
you can't stand someone talking bad about twilight...
you can't stand someone talking bad about rob....
you can't stand someone talking bad any other actor or saying they're ugly etc..
you buy alot of stupid things like bella's ring and bracelet and the cullens wristband and wear them alltogether lol
you just decided to ignore a french friend of yours for somedays cause he didn't agree to buy and send u that wonderful magazin with those amazing posters to add to your room.. XD (this might be only me tho lol)
and u check every silver car to see if its a volvo (as bittenbyjasper said) and u sigh when it is not since volvos is very rare in your country :(

and this is only the first.. the list is neverending :D
I agree with everyone on here, I would love to fix my fan up with Twilight, but my husband would die......
I've been there, done that!!! Hilarious! Plus for work I have to make airline reservations and to give them the record locater I've always said. "E as in Edward" and now I kinda giggle to myself when I say it. I'm 34 for pete's sake! Ha,ha. :)

OCDJenni said:
your job gives you a client named Edward & all you can do is blush saying his name lol
haha yeh totally xxx

BittenByJasper said:
If you check every silver car you see,to see if it's a Volvo.
when you stare at someone all the way through a concert coz they look like a twin of bein serious :D x
whenever there's an award ceremony you sit through the whole thing on the off chance one of the cast is there
you have a pile of twilight books next to your bed
your fashion sense is entirely dependant on what Kristen was last seen wearing
when you go shopping, you are subconciously searching for clothes that relate to those from the film or worn by Kristen
you cry when your 12 week old puppies chews up your twilight dvd disk... (maybe that one is just me... stupid Cullen.. yes, my dog's name is Cullen :L)
you wish for rain in the mornings, in the off chance that Edward will turn up at your school
if you make that all your friends read and see the books even if they don't like it....
if u watch twilight every day and go crazy if hear the word twilight!!
You have joined more than 5 twilight fan sites but Twifans is your favourite
You have read the books on average once a month for 12 months
You bought tickets to Eclipse within the first hour of them being available
You booked in to see Twilight and New Moon in the showing before Eclipse is released (7.30pm Twilight start)
Your bestie and you argue over Team Edward and Team Jacob but noone wins because even if they are the opposite team they are at least a Twilight Fan - as opposed to all those non twi fans out there who are rude and DO NOT understand
u eat, sleep, n drink all things twilight,every thing u talk about has a twilight ring to it, when anyone talks to u, all u hear is something about twilight, even though they just said "hi", if your room looks like u just entered the "Hot Topic" store, when the only men u will date have to be named edward n drive a silver volvo n talks n acts just like him, and most important, when u will literally get to arguing wit some one if they say something incorrect about the book or the movie!!!!!
go in the woods looking for a vampire

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