I thought it would be funny to start a thread about how we know were addicted.

You get a paper cut and think you would a bad vampire's girlfriend(this happened today at work.)

You buy every magazine that even mentions Twilight.

You listen to the auto books when you go to bed at night.

Twilight is the first thing you look up on the computer.

You yelled at your dad for talking during the New Moon trailor.

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You walk into a big store and automaticly find whatever has the words "twiligh, new moon, or eclipse" on it ven if it's as small as a book mark.
well it started when i first heard of the book in 2005 i was 9 at the time.... so i read it,, fell in love .. i cried my heart out at all of the trailers x].almst fainted when i saw the n.m sneak peek at the vmas..... have loads of merch bought online bcause of the lack in ireland... i creid the other day when i thought my sisters lost my nm dvd... and every time i listen to the meadow by alexandre desplat... well yeah.. as soon as i hear any twilight-related word i smle.. :D when i dream of twiight i cry when i wae up because its over.. wel yeah x] so uh huh... :P
When you develop selective hearing for the characters names and words like vampire or forks. Also when you decide you are going to name your children after the twilight characters.
I know, because when I hear 'twilight zone' or look on my calendar and see the sign for a new moon I turn on the movie or start drawing the characters
You know you are addicted to Twilight when:
1. You find yourself on this site replying to this discussion
2. You find yourself upset at your boyfriend/husband b/c he doesn't sparkle in the sunlight...or you have asked them to wear glitter for any reason.
3. You see a silver Volvo driving down the street and you check to see who is driving (just in case.)
4. You own a Team Edward or Team Jacob t-shirt....and you;ve worn it in public to something other than the movie.
5. You secretly wish you could move to Forks on the off chance of meeting a vampire.
6. You have discussed with other people what your "talent" would be if you were a vampire.
7. You called Forks Hospital and asked to speak to Dr. Cullen.
8. You own a life size cut out of any of the Twlight movie characters.
9. You catch a whiff of something sweet and fragrant and you think "this is what vampires probably smell like"
10. You can actually name 10 reasons for how you know you are obsessed:)
Well, my computer background has Edward and Bella on it, on myspace its all Twilight, I have read Twilght and New Moon so far, I have a Twilight and New Moon poster in my bed room, I have a Edward T-Shirt I wear to bed, my van has a Twilight license plate on it that reads "Peace Love Twilight and I have a sticker on the window that says "GotTwilight", I have seen Twilight and New Moon so far about 20 times and when Edward said "your like a drug to me" that's what Twilight is to me a drug, "like my own personal brand of heroine", when I need a fix I watch the movie and I am set, but later on I will need my fix again. I can quote the whole movie and it really makes my husband insane when I do that, he told me that Twilight has ruined my wife, I laughed at him, I have a twilight CD in my van that I listen to very often and I have songs on myspace that I listen to everyday, so I eat, sleep, think, Twilight. OCD-"Obessive Cullen Disorder"
You know your addicted when you throw glitter glue over your boyfriend to make him sparkle ;]
You have to check your countdown everyday, multipul times a day, to see how long you have to suffer before Eclipse.
you shouldnt get me started in history evry date that wuz around or the same date as in twilight i sit up and start to smile. if you think thats bad evry time the word twilight or new moon or eclipse or eclipse my whole class turn there head toward me. oh and i found a way to turn math into twilght and they say im not obsessed i barely read the book and i already had bruises from all the pinching i got since i talked about it so many times
You know your addicted when you read Twilight 8 times Force your self to read Newmoon 2 moretimes just cuz you think its wrong read ECLIPSE 4 times and breaking dawn 3 times. nd before another twilight movie comes out you read the whole series again so you kan enjoy the movie better. and becuz you think its wrong if you don't. You buy every magazine Twilight related, Check out fan websites everyday buy a life-size cut out of Edward. Google search almost everything in the book. Ckeck out the A-Z vampire website
i knew i was addicted when i read the whole twilight series in one day. and bought a laptop with the eclipse cover on the front and my gym bag with buttons of twilight/new moon/eclipse/breaking dawn.

i am a fanpire!
I know I'm addicted because I purposely trip on the sidewalk to be clumsy like Bella and my happy place is in the garage building bikes with Jacob

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