I thought it would be funny to start a thread about how we know were addicted.

You get a paper cut and think you would a bad vampire's girlfriend(this happened today at work.)

You buy every magazine that even mentions Twilight.

You listen to the auto books when you go to bed at night.

Twilight is the first thing you look up on the computer.

You yelled at your dad for talking during the New Moon trailor.

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I knew I was addicted when I read 4 books in 2 weeks, buy all things twilight related, stood in line for hours for midnight releases and possible character sightings, and last but not least get in a heated argument when someone trys to tell me twilight is not real..stop crushing my dreams people
omg well ,, i knew i was addcted when i had my first dream about edward and i also had a dream about meeting rob,krsiten and taylor and theres been much more from that day:)
When i seriously cannot go thru and hour without thinking about something twilight and everything remings me of twilight and whenever someone mentions the name of a character i giggle to myself!
When all you get from ur family and friends is tiwlight and new moon stuff!
when ur friends say that whenever they hear something about twilight they immedietly think of you cos ur obbsessed:)
and i cried when the new moon trailer came on and i cried during the meet e on the equinox video aswell :L
and i have many more:)
Your addicted when:
1. You've read the books more than 20 times
2. You redid your room in a Twilight theme with red walls and pictures everywhere
3. You buy something Twilight related every time you go out
4. You have atleast 5 twilight shirts or hoodies
5. You consider Twilight to be most of your life and you do hardly anything else
Note: I've done/do everything on this list! :)
you are no longer afraid of Hot Topic.
you actually dress like Bella barely trying to.
lots more, but I gotta go to bed soon, haha.
I kno im obssed because keep thinkin and thinkin bout it
Bunny said:
OMG, don't get me started!!!:)))) I had tears in my eyes when I saw the New Moon trailer. To this day, I get an unbelievable rush of excitement each time I watch it. The outfits I wear outside work are mostly ''Bella outfits'', the same clothes she wears in the movies. I'll be at the advanced showing of New Moon on the 19th, already have my ticket. At home, I have 2 copies of the Twilight DVD: a regular one, to watch in my bedroom, and a blu-ray one, to watch in our family room. Also have the movie on my Ipod, watched it numerous times. I also keep extra copies of the DVD and the books at my parents house for when I visit there. And that is just the beginning, lol!!!
loloololo , thats what iam talking about BACKUPS ! lol
When you wish sooooo badly that your boyfriend could be edward !
I knew that I was obsessed when my work collegue told me to make sure I delete all the emails we continuously sent to each other every day, back and forth talking endlessly about Twilight and anything Twilight related otherwise we might lose our jobs!
haha so true!

BellaBlack said:
When you wish sooooo badly that your boyfriend could be edward !
When your own husband buys everything twilight for you, just for you to please stop talking about it with him... and your 3 year old knows the names of the characters .... (mommy look that's Jacob.. come see... lol)
I thought I was getting better from My addiction In till I found twifans.... here we go again total frenzy... but I am not complaining... lol
Haha almost everything is right for Meh! Haha
you know your addicted when you go passed magazine covers in the stores and get pissed when all they're talking about is tiger woods or brad and angelina. i know i do : )

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