I thought it would be funny to start a thread about how we know were addicted.

You get a paper cut and think you would a bad vampire's girlfriend(this happened today at work.)

You buy every magazine that even mentions Twilight.

You listen to the auto books when you go to bed at night.

Twilight is the first thing you look up on the computer.

You yelled at your dad for talking during the New Moon trailor.

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guilty of every on e of those thats bad i now
thats what i do its bad bcause my friends brothers name is jacob and my friends sisters xboyfriends name is edward its funny

Kara Volturi said:
i know it when someone says edward or jacob around me and i start laughing and smiling the whole time.
You ask your dad to buy a Edward cutout from the USA, take it around USA, France, UK and China on a business trip, and then bring it home.
I cried.
and when your friends and family know so much about twilight from you talking about it so much
I'll randomly bite my right wrist...hard...to make it bleed...on purpose.....
i know i'm addicted because whenever someone mentions twilight i want to scream in excitment and i cant stop smiling...i'm probably also guilty of everything that people have said on this
I have read the Twilight Series like 8 times each!!! I am at the Store waiting for it to open when something new is coming out on DVD...I have a twitter account all about Twilight and Robert Pattinson, i come on Twifans everyday to look at new Pics and read ppls Blogs! I google Robert/Kristen and Twilight at least 3x a day...and i think i have seen everything on You tube that has to do with Twilight!! I would and have tore a strip off anyone who hates Twilight or has anything bad to say about the series!!! I Have a photo folder on my computer that prob has at least 200 pics of different things twilight related!!! I am totally addicted!! For Life!!!!
I was hooked after only a few chaplters of Twilight. I lost count of how many times I have read each book, seen each movie, watched each new clip as they come out, I am 40 and had to go to Hot Topic to get "Bella jewlry"!!!!!!!! Some one can say somthing simple like "Looks like rain" and I laugh and make a Twilight coment.(Any one for a game of base ball?) My family knows this about me, but when you say it to strangers, they think I'm nuts! I think there nuts for NOT knowing what I'm talking about:)
u know ur addicted when u scream in a full cinema because the new moon trailer comes on and when everyone looks at u as if ur insane u dont care :D
You start using quotes from the movie in your everyday life.
You hear the name Edward and you can't help but smile.
OMG the last 3 things are all things that happened to me
When we hyperventalate when the trailors come on

& when we yell at people who talk during the movie .

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