I thought it would be funny to start a thread about how we know were addicted.

You get a paper cut and think you would a bad vampire's girlfriend(this happened today at work.)

You buy every magazine that even mentions Twilight.

You listen to the auto books when you go to bed at night.

Twilight is the first thing you look up on the computer.

You yelled at your dad for talking during the New Moon trailor.

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you know ur addicted when every one u know is callin u the twilight girl, when u go to border for the new moon release party for ur 13th birthday party and when they do trivia u know every single answer, when every time u get on the computer u go to anything and every thing twilight, when the only punishment ur mom can think of is to take away ur twilight books, or when ur mom tells u to hurry up and do sumthin and if u dont hurry to get it done she reads the last page of breaking dawn out loud befor u even get to the middle of eclips (these things happend to me a few times and it was not fun at all).
I knew when I was obbsessed when I got twilight and read the first book and ohmigosh I bought all four books hard cover with the money that was suppose to be for shopping l. I was scared my lil sister might grab my stuff and break it cause sh is a really coriouse little girl and I hid all my books and everything I owned of TW and hid them in my closet ZOMG. ;) OBBSESSED 

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