every conversation you have with ANY random and non random person circles back to Twilight.

You also you Edward would or wouldn't do that frequently.

Or add in more details about Twilight when you think your friend isn't doing it justice when trying to recruit newborns!!!

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are on youtube all day lookin for vids n updates on da movies
stayin up until da twilight hrs on the forums n readin da books n anything twilight wen u gotta wake up in a few hrs lol
cut ur hair to match one of the characters
read da saga more den once

guilty of all the above... i cut n dyed my hair to match alice =D
you didn't think rob pattinson was all that until after you read the series. now he's everything.
you make a snarl sound and pull your lips back when you're mad instead of just pouting or glaring.
you pick up twilight vocabulary and use it.
you can't carry on normal conversations anymore....twilight must be brought up.
you recruit anyone you know and gloat when they too become addicted.
you do the google news checks, bookmark the best websites, and join twifans :-)
you have twilight pics on all desktops, wallpapers, cell phones, etc....obviously.
you get wrapped up in Robsten even though your better judgment tells you its fabricated.
you hope Robsten lives forever.
you watch the movie constantly even tho you're never fully satisfied with the film. you can't turn away tho.
you forgot what you use to do before twilight came along.
you can't work and neither can your co-workers who have started the series...at your suggestion :-)
you fall asleep every night with either the book in your hand, the movie on, or the soundtrack playing.
you forget that your not a teenager anymore and the book is intended for girls half your age...SO WHAT!!!
you don't want to stop writing in this post.
you feel a deep bond with the people on this website even though you likely will never meet them or know them.
you wonder if Stephenie is thinking about twilight or if the characters are speaking to her.
you wonder if Stephenie is planning more twilight books in secret.
you think about Stephenie too much.
you want a Team Edward...or Jacob if that's your thing.
you find ways that your boyfriend reminds you of Edward even tho he could NEVER be Edward. No man can.
you know you have to stop this list because when it comes to twilight, the conversation can be endless....
you know you're addicted when you're out with a guy whose saying that he's eyes change colour according to the shirt he wears...and you turn to your friend and say.."it's the fluresence"....in english....which is not your native....
or when you stay until the sunrise in twilfans or other networks or looking for new fotos...
or when your non twilighters friends are afraid to mention anything twilight cause you won't stop talking about it...
or when you don't sleep the h*** night because you're reading one of the books of twilight saga...saying"oh one more chapter"...and then go to the lesson half asleep....
or when your mother is thinking to have a prayer to bless you....cause all these aren't normally brought by a book...hahaha...
how pathetic am i?????????
if you dont buy any other books anymore but keep reading the saga over and over and over and over again ;-)
that's a goooood one

Courtney May said:
if you dont buy any other books anymore but keep reading the saga over and over and over and over again ;-)
anytime any unsuspecting person says something that comes from Twilight Saga, (without they even know they're saying it) and you can quote book, chapter, page, and character!!!!!!!!
also guilty of most of these, especially the wallpaper and pics on computer replacing family and friends with EDWARD and the CULLENS
im so addicted that i cant stop talking about it every time i talk to someone and start to talk about twilight, they start loving it just cuz of me.
When you make a special perfume thats has honey and lilac in that u spray everywhere so everywhere u go smells like edward:)
when all other books seem boring to you.
when you daydream about it all the time:D
when one of your friends asks u if you would rather have twilight or do everything u have ever wished to do like travel the world and u say twilight:P
.....When yooh can't stop yourself from bringing twilight quotes into your sentences

....When yooh reply to somebody's question *Where do yooh come from* that yooh live in Forks.

.....When yooh scream when yooh see a silver volo.

.....Doodle twilight non stop on yourself.

.....Go Twilighting and NewMooning on the internet everyday.

.....When your planning what to wear for New Moon movie....When it's 5 months away :D

.....Introduce yourself as Ms Cullen / Swan

Yep....i am guilty of all of these...But proud too :L :)
when you put make up that will make u look pale
whenever one of the books falls of the shelve u drop everything in your hands to pick it up like its the most Precious thing in the world ( they are to me)
when your friends start calling u crazy and lame because you just dont shut up about twilight
I am oh so okay with being pale, I have always been pale. and never ever wished otherwise, now I know why!!!

laura said:
Is it just me? Or is anyone else perfectly fine with being pale now?!




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