every conversation you have with ANY random and non random person circles back to Twilight.

You also you Edward would or wouldn't do that frequently.

Or add in more details about Twilight when you think your friend isn't doing it justice when trying to recruit newborns!!!

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when you keep reciting the lines when you watch the movie... and when you can't spend a month without reading or watch the movie... and when you start the day checking twitter about the updates about anything twilight-related, and end the day by doing the same thing... and you have the twilight soundtrack in your ipod.... and when cloudy day just make you smile cause you're sure edward and the other cullens will be out and about in cloudy day... and esp when you keep dreaming about any of the charrie of the book (and who didn't dream about them anyway... :P)
I sooo agree, I almost WANT to be pale now....

laura said:
Is it just me? Or is anyone else perfectly fine with being pale now?!
OMG My Husband Dose That Too!!!!! :)

ghchick13 said:
your husband starts leaving messages on your cell phone pretending he's Edward just to get your attention...
you non stop read from twilighed fan site novels ...i mean fro 5to six hours striaght and given up on talking to family members who do not understand
lol i'm glad i don't have text

Joan Gardner said:
OMG My Husband Dose That Too!!!!! :)

ghchick13 said:
your husband starts leaving messages on your cell phone pretending he's Edward just to get your attention...
boy i thought that i was alone... i wonder if they have a hotline

Rachel "Renesmee" Black said:
1. when its your birthday and almost every gift you get is something to do with twilight (guilty!) 2. whenever a trailer comes on the telly, u scream hysterically for a split second, watch it with so much attention that if somebody so much as sneezes, u glare at them to be quiet on pain of death, and then once its over, you scream again, jumping around the room and clapping your hands (guilty!) 3. when you hear someone mention twilight, you bounce up and down in your seat making hysterical squeaking noises, no matter where you are (guilty!) 4. when you see a poster of a character for the first time on a bilboard around town, you scream oh my god whilst pointing, and then whenever you see it after that you say hello to the character(s), like they're real (guilty! And sometimes i really do think they actualy exist) 5. when you mention it one of your friends sighs and rolls their eyes (guilty!) 6. if you see a magazine with a twilight special edition, or an interview with a cast member, or a poster you beg ur mum to buy it for you (guilty! Once my mum nipped out to get some bread and milk, and came back with a copy of Latest's twilight edition and dropped it on my lap as i was sat in front of the tv in my pyjamas. I stared at it for about a millisecond then screamed and hugged it then repeatedly thanked my mum for about an hour afterwards) 7. You hav a mug with jacob on it that you use so much to drink tea out of that the inside is stained. And if ur mum brings you a cup of tea that isn't in ur jacob mug u ask why. (guilty!) 8. When u can't wait for ur wallpaper to be taken down in ur bedroom (finally) so u can cover the walls in posters (guilty!) 9. When u daydream about it all the time. And when u play imaginary games at night when ur waiting to go to sleep, that involves u being in The Twilight Saga. (guilty!) 10. When you talk to the characters in ur head, or sometimes aloud (when ur in the shower or in bed at night) like they are real people (guilty! And sometimes i really do get lost inside my head so much that i believe for a split second of insanity that the whole saga actualy exists) ok now i read this, i realise that i actually am obsessed with twilight (OTD) and everything to do with it :)
You cant go to sleep at night till you get your twilght movie fix for a few minutes!
When you blush EVERYTIME you speak of Twilight, which is often.

When you wear your Cullen crest shirt to bed 6 out of 7 nights per week. 3 on, one to wash, 3 on.

When you are half-way through the saga for the 4th time (including MS and Bree) and you only started for the first time 8 weeks ago.

When you stop hanging inside at work for lunch so you can read for 30 min in your car and eat your food at the same time.
i know the feeling my day starts by checking if i have a mail from twilightguide listening to the music on the way to work reading the books again and again this is the most romantic movie since titanic and than the movies pfffffff i am nuts
I always tell my family im going through "twilight withdrawal" lol
I am so IN LOVE with twilight that i watched it about 6 times this past weekend. but still didnt get enought! so i went online and downloaded all the songs from the movie. but that STILL wasnt enough!!! so i drew "twilight" about a hundred times all over my papers and on my white printer paper! and have some posted on my walls :D

when you see a book/movie or hear a conversation about love.. you think "nah, thats not real love.. no one is a vampire in it!"
i did this yesterday!
Cali Twilighter said:
I'm glad I'm not the only one!

montana said:

you stay up untill 2:30am on Twilight forums...

[or at least i do]
when even on vacation you have your books and can't stop reading. and you have already read them more then 10 times!




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