You know ur addicted to twilight when...

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u know ur addicted when u spirinkle sparklkes are u bf to make him sparkle ur heart rate picks up when u see him and every thing i listen to thats a song reminds me of something in twilight
When your hiking in the woods and expect a shapeshifter or a vampire to appear.
When you go hiking you expect to come out of the woods into an amazing medow with a spakley vampire laying there.
when i am sittin on my bed reading New moon for the fourth time........ Then i stir and wake up from a dream of me sittin on my bed readin New Moon.As clear as the print are on the pages these words are burnt into mind for eternity Does that make any sense to any 1. Well i think it has alot to do with mixing fairy tale with reality don't get me wrong i am not delusional I am a twi fan and proud to be!!!!!!!!!!!
When you have more than 10 times the amount of pictures of twilight than you do your own family, and I have lots of pictures and a BIG family xx
You know you are addicted when you....
-Screamed at the t.v. soo loud that your neighbors came running to see if some one got hurt during the 2009 mtv vma's when they showed the new moon clip.(true story)
-You cried in New Moon TWICE!! once when Edward left Bella and when he came back.
-You write Edward On one wrist and Jacob on the Other. Everyday.
-You daydream of your futre shape-shifter boyfriend.even though you knnow that will never come true -sigh-
-You had a dream about your new p.e. teacher turining to a shape-shifter you two of you gat married and fled to forks.(dont ask.)
You know when you are addicted when you friend is watching the movie and you are on the phone with her reciting the movie
1. when your whole closet is of twilight shirts

2. have 5 copies of twilight, 3 copies of new moon and 2 copies of breaking dawn (1 is the special edition)

3. have all the mag that has twilight on the cover

4. on twitter u only have sites for twilight and have them send you updates on your ph

5. went to twicon and had your ph sign by one of the actors

6.every single pictures on your ph is twilight or twilight related

7. ur music is twilight related music artist

8. you laughed everytime your teacher said "edward"

9. you got your brother to make a twilight ringtone wish you can find someone like jacob :)

11. you know the dates when new merch comes out

You know ur addicted to twilight when you want to change your last name to Cullen...

You know ur addicted to twilight when you saw silver volvo and first thing that you do is To See Who's The Driver...

You know ur addicted to twilight when you want to buy anything related with Twilight....

You know ur addicted to twilight when you count How many times you've read the saga...
I just turned 31 and I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only thirty-something girl with this obsession! :)

Bella G. said:
I was gonna say what the previous post said, when you simply are writing on this forum. I LOVE the series and everything related. When you 35, and shopping in hot topic for twilight items!!!
I was practically jumping up and down when I got my New Moon tickets! My son thought I was crazy! Also, I stand in the magazine isle at whatever store, reading any and all magazines that have anything about Twilight in them. Yes, even the teeny-bopper ones! Oh ya, and I named my cat Edward because he has golden eyes!
Definitely agree with this, my friend couldn't find the books to buy them so I lent them to her and totally regretted it cos that meant I didn't have them for a week!! Finally got them back this morning and have started again!

Sophie said:
when you dream about edward and dream about meeting robert and kristen:)
when you totally regret letting ur mate borrow ur books for 2 weeks while shes going on holiday , so ur on the internet all the time instead constantly looking at twilight cos ur missing ur books so much:(
you reply with lines from the books when someone asks you a question that is pertinent; and then you giggle to yourself cause only you get it.

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