You know ur addicted to twilight when...

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I actually DID get excited when I saw one once!

Alex Cullen said:
you get excited every time you see a silver volvo
If you obsess about getting emails from Twifans that support your addiction.
Okay, the glitter thing is a little freaky.
you know your addicted to Twilight when you ask your boyfriend if he sparkles then dumps him if he says no (true story)
dont worry me too

Maria E. Morgan-Jurkic said:

When someone tells you they love the saga too, and you get all overexcited and they slowly back away looking at you like you are crazy.

I've done that one at least 10 times. LOL
i think it all the time!!
you know you're addicted when .....

- your top three travel destinations become Forks, La push and Isle Esme.

- your bf gets seriously pissed off after you mention jacob/edward AGAIN and says" ok who is this guy and why the hell do you keeping talking about him?"

- created a Twi-alphabet (A- Alice, Apple, Aro, etc. B -Bella, Benjeman, Breaking Dawn, ect. C- Carlisle, Cullen, Clearwateretc.)
guilty as charged. i have two double-sided pages covered with this stuff.

- you're afraid the Volturi are going to come and kill you because you know too much about vampires.

-your gift lists are scrawled with Carlisle/Edward/Emmett/Jasper (girls) Alice/Bella/Esme/Rosalie/Nessie (boys)

- you use quotes from the book without even realizing it.

- your friends are ready to dump you for not shutting up about it and giving themdetails on everything. (all of the non- twilighters anyway)

-when its cloudy out you say, "now i know what its like to live in forks."

- instead of saying "de jah vue" you say "whoa... alice moment" (guilty... again)

- you sleep with your books just to say you slept with edward/jacob

- i have done ALL of these things and have no intentons of stopping.
When... I I.M people that Emmett is being wonderful today. And that I'm Mrs. Ivy Ashelyn McCarty Cullen, and that Emmett Dale McCarty Cullen is my husband!
when someone says feathers you smile

when someone says your skin is cold you crack up

if someone says it sucks you want to rip thier head off

you look it up online and spend hours going through the results

you giggle when edward and bella kiss

when edward left bella in new moon you screamed/cried/threw the book on the ground and stomped on it

edward is suddendly a really sexy name

Forks is now your dream home

your standards for a bf is either a vampire or edward cullen

when you see a volvo you say stupid shiny volvo owner

those are all i can think of
Beverly, very well put!
Here is how I know I'm addicted...

You know you're addicted to Twilight...
when you are 38 and spend hours digging up anything Twilight on Youtube,
when you are 38 and attempt to vote for the Teen Choice Awards - just so Twilight wins,
when you are 38 and you are giddily texting with your girlfriend about Rob Pattinson,
when you are 38 and you have a playlist on your ipod that has Never Think repeated 20 times - in the same playlist!
when you are 38 and you have joined twifans - and actually particpate in forum discussions. lol

Beverley said:
1. all passwords for pc / mobile phone / house alarm are twilight related (1901 Edwards yob, 1918, the year Edward was changed, 20/06/1901 Edwards dob, 20/11/09 when new moon the movie is released). Its just easier to remember these dates than trivial things like your mums birthday or your wedding anniversary!

2. you read the books looking for an inspirational quote for a tattoo - but the most you can think of is "OMG I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN" and "I WISH I LIVED IN FORKS" in big black letters, on your forehead

3. when interfering old aunts ask if you have found your "knight in shining armour" yet, you quickly reply with "I don't want a knight in shining armour, I want a vampire in a shiny Volvo"

4. when you find yourself saying "..umm it's a twilight thing, you wouldn't understand" on a regular basis as the non-twilighters you encounter have no clue why you grin when you hear clair de lune, or talk to someone called Edward, or why you are extremely helpful to the guy who called your office cos his name was Cullen!

5. when you tell friends you love Edward and they reply with "Remember that he is a vampire and a fictional one at that" you actually visualise yourself ripping their head off for ruining your fantasy!
I was in the hospital for like a week & I landed up having to stay int the hospital for a week & they kept drawing blood & I would always think of Carlisle whenever they did anything & every doctor that came in I actually called them Carlisle by accident (even the women)
But all fairnest I was heavily medicated :-)
I guess i'm pshcotically addicted I related to half this stuff!


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