You know ur addicted to twilight when...

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when you dream about edward and dream about meeting robert and kristen:)
when you totally regret letting ur mate borrow ur books for 2 weeks while shes going on holiday , so ur on the internet all the time instead constantly looking at twilight cos ur missing ur books so much:(
When you get a tatoo on you of some kind of Twilight thing. Let mean just make this clear their is no somthing of Twilight on my body a little extreme for me.
when u pay 5 or 6 pound to go see bandslam that u dont particurly want to see just so u can watch the new moon trailer!
You have watched the movie over 5 times and own the movie
When your 7 yr old daughter is all gaga over the hot vampires and warewolf in the movie and is dying to read the books herself. How about when your husband get jelly over it and says is it going to be me or the vamps tonight?
when your friends say "are we going to have a real conversation, or are we going to be talking about THAT fantasy land again" haha
when u look forward alll dy to getting home to ur lap top to check twifans and watch twilight:D
When you go out with a bunch of friends and they keep trying to find an Edward lookalike for you!! ....or spending the last cent you have on a twicom event happening in your town, which is a once in a life time opportunity, even tho you know you cant afford it and wonder how on earth you will pay the rent the following month..
Your two children (aged 7 and 3) know you love Edward and all things Twilight, and they know every song on the soundtrack,
and you have not one but two lifesize cardboard cutouts......
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey that's me............. Or when ever your feeling down you go to this website and you'll be smiling the whole time....

Little Blonde Vampire said:
When you stay up until 5:00am reading all of these and smiling like an idiot because there hasn't been one that hasn't happened to you. (I am so guilty of this. Lol.)
you just bought all the books in English, when you've just finished reading them in Swedish.
Hale is my actual last name and is also Rosalie's real last name and I DO TOO LOVE THE SERIES why would i be on here if i didnt?

Sophie said:
Why the hale ;) are you on a twilight fan base then when you dont like the books??? (you know your addicted to twilight when u use hale instead of hell) :L

Rosalie Hale <3 said:
so your on this site and you dont even like the books wow

Elliott Lawrence said:
You know your brainwashed by Twilight if...(This only applies to rabid Twitards (Twifans), to those sensible fans this is not mean to offend you in any way. (Though i have to say, if you are sensible, why like the book?).

1) You attack people who disagree with your opinions
2) You prefer a stalking, abusive boyfriend to a normal guy who does will not rape you (Having sex with a girl who's passed out and breaking bones and hurting her a lot through the process is not romantic, it's called rape)
3) You deny the fact that Stephenie Meyer is a horrible writer and Stephen King is awesome
4) You make a religion based on Twilight
5) You would pay for a movie that would do a better job putting you to sleep than entertain
6) You stay up late at night waiting and looking for your stalker
7) You think these things that Stephenie Meyer has created are Vampires
8) You copy Isabella in hope that your stalker will come and catch you in one of your "clumsy" falls
9) You deny that Robert Pattison thinks Stephenie Meyer is mad (He said it on an interview for gods sake!)
10) You deny that Breaking Dawn should be re-named Breaking Fail
11) You deny that the book is crap and has very little semblance of plot
12) You only read Twilight because you want to get rid of Isabella and replace her with yourself
13) You think that people who dont like Twilight are boys who dont like romance or drama
14) At this point in time you probably hate me or at least are annoyed, if you are then i've done my job of being a troll


I have read all Twilight books so far, the first just to see what it was (I thought it was crap), the second i was hoping it would get better (it didn't), the other two just to know what im talking about when im trolling fan forums (like now). I saw the movie because my friend is a Twitard (I have tried many times to get her off it, it's working, albeit very slowly) who wanted someone to come along with her(Too bad i had a free day).


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