You know ur addicted to twilight when...

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when you start saying things like.... "sure sure".....
thats me!!!!

LaVaRiA ArRa WhItLoCk-HaLe said:
collect pictures of the Twilight Characters and you print the out or save them on ur computer. or you talk to ur friends bout Twilight constantly
You know when you're addicted to twilight when...
1) You cant stop squealing when someone says Edward Cullen (True story I got sent out of class cos of that!)
2)You beat up people who say Edward Cullen is a twat,Twilight is crap, etc.
3)You have dreams about Edward Cullen
4)You say your dream date is Edward Cullen and he is your crush
5)You have a room that looks like Bella's Room/Edward's Room
6)You want to be a vampire/werewolf/Bella Swan
7)You have all the twilight merchandise but you buy more of the same stuff
8)You say you raped Edward Cullen when really you raped the book
9)You think Bella's and cow and replace her with yourself
10)When someone says what do you want for Christmas/birthday etc. you automatically say Edward Cullen
11)When your boyfriend does something you don't like you say "Edward Cullen would never do that!"
12)You cried/screamed/died/panicked/threw the book at the wall/stomped on it/threw the book at the wall and left it on the floor for as long as it took for Bella to recover from Edward leaving her in the book/left team edward and went team jacob when Edward leaves Bella in New Moon
13)You say to your friends when you're out and you see a silver volvo "See! Edward Cullen is real! I bet he was in that car!"

That's all I can think of for now!
By the way whenever I say Edward Cullen except for the last two you can replace him with Jacob Black if you prefer him.
Sadly i wear glitter in the sun and wish my last name was Cullen oh wait it is now ha i changed mine

Alice Cullen said:
You know you're addicted to Twilight when you dumped glitter on your BF

You know you're addicted to Twilight when u cried while reading New Moon

You know you're addicted to Twilight if u have or want to change your last name to Cullen

You know you're addicted to Twilight if you wear glitter all over your body when it's sunny

You can't go more than one hour of conciousness without thinking about Twilight

You understand the book covers of the series

lol these are all i can think of right now but i know more XD

with <3
Alice Cullen
You know youre addicted to Twilight when you've read the Saga 11 times already, decided to TRY to read something else but just want to start reading it again straight away!!
you know you are addicted to Twilight when you have a separate picture file for twilight pictures and you have a picture from Eclipse for your desktop. Also if you are saving money to take the Twilight Tour to Forks.
you know your addicted to twilight when you dream sequences of the books.
you know your addicted to twilight when you wear a jacob's necklace almost everyday
you know your addicted to twilight when your husband calls you a cougar due to your obession with Taylor
I love Delica's list especially the one "You have slept with your books just to say you slept with Edward/Jacob"

Delica Cullen said:
you know you're addicted when .....

- your top three travel destinations become Forks, La push and Isle Esme.

- your bf gets seriously pissed off after you mention jacob/edward AGAIN and says" ok who is this guy and why the hell do you keeping talking about him?"

- created a Twi-alphabet (A- Alice, Apple, Aro, etc. B -Bella, Benjeman, Breaking Dawn, ect. C- Carlisle, Cullen, Clearwateretc.)
guilty as charged. i have two double-sided pages covered with this stuff.

- you're afraid the Volturi are going to come and kill you because you know too much about vampires.

-your gift lists are scrawled with Carlisle/Edward/Emmett/Jasper (girls) Alice/Bella/Esme/Rosalie/Nessie (boys)

- you use quotes from the book without even realizing it.

- your friends are ready to dump you for not shutting up about it and giving themdetails on everything. (all of the non- twilighters anyway)

-when its cloudy out you say, "now i know what its like to live in forks."

- instead of saying "de jah vue" you say "whoa... alice moment" (guilty... again)

- you sleep with your books just to say you slept with edward/jacob

- i have done ALL of these things and have no intentons of stopping.
you can't go more then a few days or weeks without re-reading..
every time i heard or see twilight i get happy and i buy every tink edward and my house and bedroom full of twilight stuff edward and rob all over my wall
You know you are addicted to twilight if you have been going to burger king for the past two and half weeks straight in hopes of finding Bella, Esme, Carlisle, Sam, Jane, and Victoria and if the burger king people around the local area ask you if you have found what you are looking for and if you are having the usual large fries and 22oz drink.
And no I still haven’t found what I’m looking for =(
You know you're addicted to Twilight when:
1. You say all the lines of the movie before Bella does.
2. You're 60 years old and you take an unusual interest in the rock bands on the soundtrack recordings.
3. You surf the movie channels until 4 am to see if Twilight is on.
4. At 4 am you give up surfing and order Twilight on demand.
5. You buy all the CD's Muse has recorded.
6. You constantly Google Robert Pattinson's name.
7. You wish you could be a vampire and never die.

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