Your Opinion on Twilight Haters That Call the Fans "Stupid"?

Fandom can get out of control. But what about hating? I have seen/heard haters bash Twilight in the most obscene ways, but no nearly as disturbing as calling the fans themselves unintelligent just because they are a Twilight fan. They "claim" that when the fans read the book and/or watched the film, their IQ must have dropped several points. Does it upset you?


It does me. One reason being that no one should be called such things over a certain interest. If you ask me, considering they have enough nerve to call a fan unintelligent or ignorant, that doesn't make them seem none too intelligent, either. Basing someone's intelligence over a book/movie they like. How stupid. That doesn't shine a very positive light on them, either. They sound like the ignorant and unintelligent ones when they say that.

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That is so true, i just think they want to make me as depressed as they are because they couldn't understand the book or stephanie Meyer's wide vocabulary!!!!! As she expressed the book !!!!
I know, right? How childish!

Hanna said:
My friend calls non twilighters twitards!!!!
I agree!!!

Lizzie Carlie Cullen said:
I tell em they are mad because they aren't as hot as Jake, Edward, Seth or Emmett. Or any other ones. And the girls are hating cuz they aren't as beautiful as Rosalie or Alice or Esme. And bc they don't got a boy like Bella! And they don't know enough words to read the book!

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