I, honestly, think its fantastic! I mean at first i was a little pissed cause i started to stress about the romantic part of the story thinking to myself  "Are they still going to show the Jacob, Bella, and Edward love triangle aspect???"... But then of course we saw those stills of BELLA AND EDWARD MAKING OUT! A.K.A (LEG HITCH SCENE!!)






haha (you like that??)

 and i was like ok, if this is in the movie...David Slade has definitely brought the heat!



But one thing(MY FAVORITE PART) that really gave me the chills in the Eclipse trailer is this part:







And why is it my favorite part you ask??

Not only does Bella say "Edward, has she found us??" *chills*

But its the climax of the trailer...and the MOVIE/BOOK ..I LOVE the building up of the music to lead up to this part in the trailer...and think about it...If a vampire (Victoria) were trying to kill you (along with her newborn army)...wouldnt YOU think of it as somewhat TERRIFYING??


Alls im sayings is...im really starting to like the fact that a horror movie director brought this book in particular out of all the series to life.



But enough of my rambling lol, what do you guys think??




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I totally agree with you. When i heard about the horror film director filming i was also a lil nervous but i know they can't take all the good mushy romantic stuff out of it. It is a love story after all..was i the only one who got chills down my spine when i heard edwards voice in the begining? It made me go insane. I just love the part when they are in the meadow scene in the trailer. I am so excited for the tent scene. I hope they make it as funny and cute as it was in the book. and when bella kisses jacob omg!! made me mad but ughhh wow. none the less this is gonna be a fantastic movie. 107 days tooo far away

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