I'm just trying to get my fanfiction out there, I am inviting y'all to come by and check out my blog and fanfiction, its called "You're The Reason I Come Home" named after the song from Ron Pope. My story takes place after Eclipse in blace of Breaking Dawn. You need to be 18 or older to read, because it is reated M for a reason, but hey if you are 18 or older, have at it, some good lemons but better than that I believe its a good, strong, story, here are a few reviews, you can check the reviews for yourself too:(had to change a few words to keep it pg 13 in here, and to keep some spoilers from y'all)

  • You have brought love ,thought, wisdom ,lust, character and how to give a blow job to SM original creation .this is so much more enjoyable and you can get lost in your creative thoughts this is how it should have been written !
  • I like Edward the tease to bad SM didn't allow it to happen in the saga the sexual energy just flows you can almost feel it yourself
  • First of all I want to tell you that you are an awesome writer and dont let anyone tell you different......... Simply put I want to say a very simple and Heartfelt THANK YOU.
  • You do an amazing job of conveying emotional depth, with the simplicity of your dialogue you are able to generate feelings within your readers that tug at the heart strings and beg us to reflect on what has transpired in previous chapters. LOVE it!
  • God that was beautiful! Your Edward is an amazing character he is the man everyone would want! The shower scene was beyond erotic and the sensitivity that you treat Bella's issues with is astounding. OK enough with the adjectives cause I'm starting to sound like a sappy moron but I do really enjoy this story, its complexity and the insight into the human and inhuman condition is mesmerizing!
  • I just wanted to let you know that I really love your story. I do not think I have cried or been so excited in a long time and your story does that to me. I love me a good Edward/Bella story and you indeed have one. Go Team Edward!!

Ok, I just had to put a few up, I'm not trying to say I'm THAT GOOD or THAT FULL OF MYSELF, I'm not, I am just happy to finally be able to say, hey, people like what I am doing.


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I would like to know what you think! Thanks y'all!
Ok Video Wow...Is That Rob Singing, and as for fanfic about to read it. :D
ok well loved the first to chapters but when I went to chapter 3 it told me it was FORBBIDEN!!! Which sucks ass cause I was really enjoying it. If u could please tell me another way to finish it i would be grateful!
Ok, ff was just being a b****, it should open now, I got it to open up, and the song, oh god I wish rob would sing it but no its by ron pope, thanks for giving it a shot!
It came back up, its very very good. Thanks for posting it.
Oh, yay, so glad its back up and going, ff does that sometimes, lol
Ya, me to I am up chapter 8 now, and I sware I never want it to end. Is just amazing. I even got a friend of mine into it, shes on chapter 5. To tell u the truth I dont read a h*** lot of ff, but damn I just cant stop reading urs. LoL
Good, so glad I didn't disapoint, lol, that's all I want, is to get it out there and share it, thanks for passing it alone!
Np gotta keep the Twilight Love Alive

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