She woke form a dead sleep. To find that her sister was in her room and staring at her with alarm in her silver eyes. Kate are you ok? Rose asked. Ah wha….. what? Kate asked. Are you ok? Rose repeated. The question hung in the air for a minuet or two before Kate answered her. Yeah I’m ok just a nightmare. Kate said. Are you sure that your ok? Rose asked. It was then Kate realized that she was sitting up in bed. It didn’t sound like a just a nightmare! Rose said. Why not? Kate asked. Because you where screaming and you never scream over anything. Rose said. Well I guess I just started screaming! Kate said jokingly. But you never scream so why start now, what happened in your dream? Rose asked. Kate absentmindedly put her hinds to her throat! KATE!!! Rose said. I can’t remember. Kate lied. You can’t remember. Rose said. Sorry. Kate said. No it’s ok if you don’t remember. Rose said. But she knew her sister better than that rose knew that Kate remembered because Kate remembered everything about everything. Rose you need to go back to bed. Kate said. Yeah but so do you. Rose said. I will I promise. Kate said ok. Rose said. Rose went back to her own room and Kate got up to take a shower again to wash that dream out of her system. That dream if you could call it that wasn’t that bad but it was weird. But Kate couldn’t tell rose cause that would just scare her too much. Kate said to herself. But she couldn’t keep this to herself or she would go crazy. So she decided to write it down or type it down in her online journal. But what would she write? That was the 60 million dollar question! She decided first to take a shower and to get the memories out of her head with hot water. Kate let the hot water run over her sore shoulders. She stepped out of the shower and went to her room to get dressed then she sat down to type up her dream or nightmare whichever it was. She sat down and began to type it up and as she did she began to remember the dream and HIM! And that’s when it happened!!!
The Dream
She was back at her work desk typing up something when her boss came in to see if she could show the new guy Robert around the office so her boss could get some of his work done. Hey Kate would you mind showing Robert Leigh around the office for me and give these to him when you show him his office? Mr. Light asked. Sure no problem, where is his office? Kate asked. It’s next to mine! Mr. Light said. But that’s next to me. Kate said. Yes he is the new company accountant. Mr. Light said. Oh ok is he on his way? Kate asked. Yeah he should be coming up now .Mr. light said. Then I need to go then don’t I. Kate said. Yes you do.Mr. Light said to her as she passed him on her way out of her office, and Mr. Light handed her the files he had held earlier. She fixed her shirt and skirt on the way to the elevators to greet Robert. When she got there he was just steeping off the elevators. Hey Robert!! Kate called as she came to a stop right in front of Robert. Just then the wind caught her hair and blew it around her face. When she moved the hair that was in her face she saw him suddenly stiffen. Are you ok? Kate asked him. His twilight eyes met her clear blue ones and her breath caught in her chest. Yes. He said. She half turned to call to one of her few friends. Hey Aida can you close the window it’s cold in here. Kate called. Why don’t you walk over to it and……. Aida let her voice trial off when see saw Robert standing there. Never mind I got it for you Kate. Aida said. Thank you Aida. Kate called back to her friend. Robert offered his hand hoping that Kate would take it so he could read her thoughts. But when she took his hand he felt a jolt of electricity reach his very soul or what ever he had left at this point, and to make things worse he couldn’t even read her thoughts. She had noticed that his posture had changed since Aide had closed the window and the wind was no longer blowing her hair every where. Since you already know my name what is yours Miss? Robert asked her. Oh sorry my name is Kate Matthews. Kate said. Miss Matthews it is nice to meet you, can you show me around? He asked. Of course I will that’s why Mr. Light sent me, oh and he was just a little to busy. Kate said. Oh of course he is dose he not own this company? Robert asked. Why yes he dose I see you have done a little research! Kate said. I always do when I start a new job. He said. Do you change jobs often? She asked. Well that’s a yes and a no. He said. Ok. She said. Do you mind if we start walking?! He asked on a smile. I had not even noticed that we were standing still. She said. His voice sounded so soft it almost sounded like he was whispering to her. His eyes had held her captive since they had met. They started to walk and they both grew quiet after she had showed him the main offices and the executive offices which is where the both would be working. Thank you for the tour. He said. Oh this is not all yet. She said. Oh well please continue. He said so politely as if specking to an elder rather than a coworker. You are very polite for you act like I am older than you and you are most likely older than I. Kate said. I am just made to be polite and we are probably the same age. He said. But you look as young as I am but under that you look like you have seen a lot of life times. She said. He thought for a long while before he answered. I have only seen one life time but I have seen a lot in that life time and I am only nineteen. He lied. You’re only nineteen? Kate asked amazed that they were in fact only a year apart. Yes I am only nineteen. He said very calmly his tone almost icy. Did I offend you Robert; if I did I am so sorry. She said suddenly aware of his eyes on her face. You are not sorry. He said this time his tone was so icy that she almost shivered from it. But I am really. She said. No you are not your very honest and I think you should have been the one to live a longer life than you said that I had. He said on a smile that she could only describe as a warm to that went to very core of him. She looked up at him. You weren’t calling me sorry in a literal since but in a nice since, as in I am not a sorry person. She said. That’s right you are very perceptive for a young woman of what…..eighteen? He asked. That’s right how did you guess? She asked. I am also very perceptive myself. He said. Yes you are. She said. Where are we now? He asked. He had her looking around and wondering how they got to where they actually were. Oh we are in the hallway outside of the restricted section of the building. She said. Oh we must have taken a wrong turn some where. He said. Yeah we did but I don’t know where. She said. Oh you don’t have access to this part of the building? He asked raising one black eyebrow. Oh don’t give me that look I am a little shocked as to how we got here. She said on a laugh. That was forced he could tell that she was worried as to how to get back. Can’t you just call Mr. Light and ask him? He asked. No I could get in big, major trouble for even being down here! She said. Oh well lets just try the way we came. He said so matter of factley. Yeah why didn’t I think of that? She asked out loud. You were to worried we would get in trouble for being here that the obvious just escaped you for just a few minutes. He said. Well that’s true. She said. Shall we try that way first? He asked and pointed to the right of himself. We shall yes. She said. They walked in silence for a while. Hey Robert if you don’t mind me asking you a lot of questions can I ask one? Kate asked. You may and I don’t mind, you ask questions to learn and must find me fascinating for same reason. He said. Thank you and I do find you fascinating. She said. What is your question? He asked. When did you move to town? She asked. I and my brother moved here about a week ago. He said. You have a brother? She asked. Yes he is in his second year of high school. He said. Really my sister is in the same year of high school. She said. Really now that is really weird what are the chances that we both have younger sibling and that they are the same age…..your sister is seventeen right? He said. Yes she is seventeen in fact she just turned seventeen just two weeks ago. She said. Henry that’s my brother just turned seventeen three weeks ago. He lied.
Kate’s room (5:00am)
She stopped typing to go see if she could sleep after her weird dream. She got under the covers and put her head phones in and turned on the CD player. The music put her to sleep faster than she had thought possible. She did how ever have another weird dream about Robert. She dreamt of what he and her did to get back to there offices and what happened after that.
Her new dream
How did you figure out that this was the way out of there? She asked. I didn’t figure out any thing I just guessed. He said. Well that was a good no a great guess. She said. They grew silent again. They stayed that way until they got to there offices. Well thank you for the tour again and are those for me? He asked. Oh yeah I total forgot to give you these when I first met you. She said. Well you can give them to me now. He said. Yeah I can. She said. She handed the files to him. Thank you for every thing Miss Matthews. He said. Oh no problem at all and please call me Kate please. She said. Thank you very much Kate. He said. It’s no problem let me know if you need anything at all. She said. I will but where is your office? He asked. It’s right next to yours. She said. That’s interesting how long have you worked so close to the boss? He asked. I’ve worked this close to the boss for about two years now. She said. Really you’ve worked here for two years! He said. Yeah ever since our parents died I took over for my mom’s job. She said. That was nice of Mr. Light to give you a job after your parents died. He said. He wasn’t nice to do it he was generous to do it because I was still in school and I had to take care of Rose. She said. But rose is old enough to take care of herself. He said. She is now but you should have seen her after they died she was a mess. She said. And I’m sure you were as well. He said. Well I was but I still had to hold it together to take care of rose. She said. But you have to have had a hard time with that, how did you ever get thought it without anyone to talk too? He asked. I did… well I really didn’t have anyone but I’m a loner anyway so I don’t really need any one to talk too. She said. At the start you were going to say that you did have someone to talk too, why did you change your answer? He asked. I really had rose to talk to but I didn’t have anyone else and I thought that’s what you meant. She said. I did mean that. He said. See I knew it that’s why I changed my answer. She said. I’m sorry for making you relive that memory. He said. That’s ok you apparently find me fascinating as well. She said. He thought about what she would think if he said no and he had to say no to crush this butting friendship before it went any where close to a relationship. I don’t find you as fascinating as you find me. He lied. He saw the flash of pain that crossed her face and then the anger that replaced it. Kate I am sorry that I disappointed you but…! He stopped. She held up her hand to silence him, and his explanation. Robert I don’t care about your explanation anymore than you really cared to hear about my life and every thing I told you today. She said and went in her office and slammed the door. He went to his office and slammed the door to his as well.
In Kate’s office
She heard him slam the door to his office and she knew that he was angry and she hoped that he knew that she was angry with him and that she was in fact disappointed with him and all his reasons. But you like him and you know you do and you thought that he liked you but you aren’t sure any more are you? She asked herself out loud.

In Robert’s office
He knew she was angry at him and as much as he liked that she was angry he also knew that he was angry at himself for making her that way but he had too to keep her safe. And that was the most important thing to keep anyone that he came in contact with that could mean any thing to him or to his brother safe and that meant to keep themselves away from those that broke that wall down in both there hearts and those that they couldn’t read or in henrys case couldn’t tell if they were lying to both brothers or to one and not to the other one.

Kate’s bedroom/ present time
Kate wake up. Rose called. Ah why? Kate asked. Didn’t you tell me that you had to go in to work early? Rose asked. Well yeah I did thanks rose. Kate said. No problem at all since I have to go to school early anyway. Rose said. What I slept all day yesterday? Kate asked. Yeah I let you sleep all day because needed rest after that dream you had that you can’t remember since you were up until ….what five o’clock in the morning that morning and you took something to help you sleep didn’t you? Rose asked. I can’t remember if I did or I didn’t. Kate said. Well you slept good all of yesterday and you will be very well rested for today. Rose said. Why do you need to go to school early? Kate asked. Oh I got a phone call yesterday and I have to show a new boy Henry Leigh around school. Rose said. Sounds fun. Kate said. Yeah really fun so he’ll have all my classes with me so I’ll have to be his new friend. Rose said. You might like him if you gave him a chance. Kate said. I doubt it very highly. Rose said. Why? Kate asked. Because the person that called me about him said that he was weird. Rose said. How is he weird? Kate asked. He and his brother only go to work and school when it is overcast. Rose said. Why? Kate asked. They’re weird! Rose said. You can’t judge people like that rose you have to meat them first. Kate said. But you know that people like that are loners, they really don’t want to be friends with anyone. Rose said. Yeah but you still have to meat him and decide for yourself. Kate said. I will but I’ll get to the same conclusion as Todd did. Rose said. Todd told you that Henry was weird? Kate asked. Yeah, why is that important? Rose asked. Because Todd still likes you and if he knows that you could have a friend and that friend could one day be more he will mess it up for you and Henry. Kate said. But ….. do you really think that he would do that? Rose asked. I do, you know he still has it bad for you. Kate said. Yeah but he knows that we are just friends! Rose said. You know that but my guess is that he doesn’t. Kate said. Well I’ll have to tell him that today when I see him. Rose said. You do that. Kate said. I will the first thing this morning. Rose said. Good to know now go get dressed. Kate said. Ok. Rose said. And ran out of the room excited now about meeting Henry Leigh at school. Kate waited for her sister to get out of the bathroom so she could get in to get ready. Hey Rose hurry up please. Kate called to her sister through the bathroom door. I’m on my way out. Rose said.

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