if you have ever been stabbed in the back,here is where you can tell your story

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okay, so this dress i wore to our schools cotilloin it was a little tight. and i mean only like a little tight around my midsection, it wasnt like it was fixin to bust at the seams.anyway, so this girl who i thought was my friend started telling everybody that i was fat.i havent talked to her since.
I am the creator of this group... i guess you could call me a loner because everyone at my school dose not like me and i am a looser to them. i cant stand them...

ok so i just graduated grade 8 and this gurl named jessica coluchi iz in our doors with me and the new kid... she decides to lie to him and says to the new kid blake kavanagh that i wor the shirt i had on that i had on that say for a week which iz a lie...

then our grad picures we got a pic of the whole class and a girl named jewell murphy decides to cut me out... and a girl named jess knapton is like i love how you just cut her out of the picture like that. and jewell is like yea she was not even my friend really...

another grad pic jessica is like she is just a f**... why do we all have her on our facebook?

and i made a radom vidio letting everyone know i died my hair so jess comments no one gives a shi* about your **ckin greesey hair...

i have delt with this stuff scince grade 3... and now im sad and have no friends at school... im in grade 10 now... i hope you like my story

Mary Alice Brandon Cullen *Hale*
Shauna Johnston




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