What does Alice do with the hordes of clothes she buys over the decades? What do they all do with it for that matter? Do they have an entire gallery dedicated for each century? I have too much time on my hands.

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Maybe she gives them away. If she has been buying clothes for decades some of them are going to be out of style. I would give to a vintage clothes shop or just keep them. I personally loves clothes. I guess I would say I am obsessed with clothes and shoes.That is so sad I guess.
I bet she wears them because she has an eternity to do it and she is getting any older.
She won't let them wear the same outfit twice, so they're all donated when they're done with them
Im sure she donates them as the years go by but mayb keeps the real good vintage stuff! GO ALICE WOOP!
Maybe she might give them a vintage clothes store and sell tehm to other people who love vintage clothing and other thing that she wants to give them
I love how it seems like the Cullens have money pouring out of their ears. They wear designer clothing once and can afford to just give it away!
idk maybe she burns them or donates them who knows
She probably donates the clothes. Although..if I were her, I'd keep the best ones and get a GIANT closet to put them all in. Same with shoes and purses!!!
maybe she has this huge buliding full of storage just for the cloths ^_^ hey it could be true
Yeah i reckon she donates most but just keeps her faves in a massive big wardrobe
In the book Edward tells Jacob that they go to Goodwill...
maybe she gave them away to associations for exemple or sell them to people




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