it is in third person

A girl named Kristin was 17 when she had to move from her home state Texis to Iowa.Kristin was walking in the woods but she couldnt hear anything because she was listinging to her Ipod.There was a bear looking for something to eat. The bear saw Kristin and the bear attacked her. But there was someone in the woods, Kristin saw the shadow of what she thought was a person.
Kristin woke-up in the hospital,the docter said "it was a good thing someone found you, or you would of died", the bear had broken four ribs and four places in Kristin arm, and on top of that she had lost a lot of blood.After two days in the hospital,she was aloud to go home. The next day she was thirsty, not for milk or Juice, but for blood.She whent into the woods to hunt for some food and she found a deer.Kristin got the deer and began to drink its blood,after she finished drinking the deers blood,she noticed that there was a person watching her,she instintly remembered him as the boy that saved her. The boy walked over to Kristin and said "How are you doing Kristin?"

"I'm ok still sore" said Kristin "who are you? and How do you know my name?"

"My name is Nick and you told me your name when you were attacked,you talked to me for a little, but you passed out, and I had to do something to keep you alive so I bite you in the neck, because the doctor wouldnt see it there."

" So I am a vampire,Just like you and I will be 17 forever?"

"Yes you will be 17 forever,and you can still go to school,and I'm 17" said Nick.

"But" he continued "you cant let anyone know what you are Kristin ,not your family or your friends.Do you understand Kristin ?"

" I understand you Nick, I will not tell anyone at all, I better get ready for school" Kristin sighed.

"Nick are you going to school too?" Kristin asked hopefully

" I will go to school to help you out, So I wiull be the new student at your school,that will be fun for me. I think we should go now" said Kristin

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