Jean is the same as age Nick and Kristn they have been friends for 17 years.

Jean how are you doing?" ask Nick

"I'm doing great just a little thirsty." said Jean

"Jean if you doing mind me asking?" ask Kristin

"I don't mind." said Jean

"What are you thirsty for?" ask Kristin

"Will for blood, Kristin and Nick i move here because everyone don't like me no more because they
found out that I'm a vampire i shouldn't have told you that." said Jean

"Jean there is something i should tell you but I think we should sit down frist" said Kristin

"Ok what is it you need to tell me?" said Jean

"Will I'm a vampire too." said Kristin

"What do you mean that you a vampire who bit you? and Why"? ask Jean

"Nick bite me. because i was attack by a bear and i was so far in the woods that Nick would not get
me to the hospital in time so he bite me. After he did he took me to the hospatil when i woke up i
was in the hospital i remember i was very sore and thristy." said Kristin

"Jean are you ok?" ask Nick

"Im ok 'how is your mom and dad doing kristin?'" ask Jean

"They are not here no more my mom and dad was shot by my uncle Tony" said Kristin

"I'm so sorry to hear that who are you living with?" ask Jean

"I'm living at Nick's house." said Kristin

"How are you doing Nick? 'Do you love it here"' ask Jean

"Im great I love it here it is not hot here all the time everybody here is very nice" said Nick

" I can't wait for school tommorrow a new life at a new school no one will no about my sercet" said

"Ugh school tommorrow is going to be a long day for me everyone is going to ask me qeustion and
I'm not ready for that not yeat. I just hope no one heard about it over the weekend." said Kristin

"Kristin if they heard about it just say I don't what to talk about it." said Nick

"How is your mom and dad doing Jean?" ask Nick

"There are doing great im like 4 blocks from the school" said Jean

Kristin be ready for tommorrow at school people are texting me and asking me what happened just
what to give you the heads up, a head of time" your best friend Floortje

"Floortje thanks for the heads up." you best friend Kristin

"No problem" said Floortje

"Great just my luck" said Kristin

"Kristin why did you say great just my luck?" ask Nick

"I got a text from Floortje saying that be ready for tommorrow people been texting her and asking her
what happened to Kristin. She give me the heads up" said Kristin

"Jean we will walk to school together tommorrow."said Nick

At school Kristin didn't see Floortje there at all Kristin got a text form Floortje mom say the Floortje is in the hospatil because she was in a head on car crush. Floortje broken her leg three places, and spring are her waist. Floortje whats you and hers friends come see her, and well you please pick up Floortje homework up please and thank you.

I will do that for you.

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