When school was over Kristin, Nick, and Jean walk home after Kristin and Nick said goodbye to Jean. Kristin and Nick walk to Nick's house when they got there Nick told his parent's that they are going to the hospital to see Floortje are friend. Kristin grab Floortje books and worksheet for the class she got homework in and walk to the car an got in to head to the hospital. The last time Kristin was in the hospital was went she was attacked by the bear.

When Kristin and Nick got to the hospital all, Kristin just want to see her best friend but she didn't want to see her hook up to all the machines that is one thing she didn't want to see. When Nick and Kristin went inside the hospital they went to the help deck to see what room Floortje was in. when Nick and Kristin got to Floortje room her mom open the door.

Kristin ask Floortje's mom "if we can come in to see Floortje?"

"yes you can come in i'm going to take a walk she is sleeping right now but you can go see her just let her sleep she well wake up soon." said Floortje's mom

Kristin and Nick went inside Floortje's room they found two seats Kristin sat in the one right beside Floortje's hospital bed, Nick pulled the second chair up to Kristin and sat down Kristin started to cry after a bit Floortje woke up in pain.

"Floortje started to ask questions Where am i at? Why am i in so much pain? Why are you crying Kristin"

"You are in the hospital, you are in so much pain because you was in a car crash, and i'm crying because i thought i lost you Floortje" said Kristin

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