It has been five weeks, and Kristin had to go to the hospital and check if her ribs where healing,but they weren't,but her arm is healing right. Kristin got her brace off her arm, but she had to keep the brace on her ribs for four more weeks. after she was done at the hospital,she went to school, Nick was waiting for Kristin at the doors to the school, Kristin meet Nick at the doors they went into the school, to there lockers to put their books alway they only had a few minutes to visit with there friends Nick talked to his guy friends and Kristin talked to her girl friends.

Kristin and Nick walked to algebra 2, it was the best class, after the teacher taught the lesson,and had the class work on the assignment, Kristin and Nick got done with the assignment, they headed to their lockers to put there algebra 2 books away and got out their psychics books the teacher gave out the assignment out to the class nobody in the class finished one with the assignment.

After all their classes Kristin and Nick had to do psychics, american history, independent reading, economics, and health 1 for homework there,they whent to their lockers to get there books and headed to Kristin's house to work on the homework when they got to the house Kristin said hi to her mom, Nick said hi Mrs. T. Then whent to her room to work on homework, Kristin and Nick got with all the homework done but not psychic because it was to hard, Kristin and Nick will ask the teachers help before school starts tomorrow.

Kristin's mom ask "Are you going to stay for supper nick?"

"I would love to stay for supper Mrs. Thompson thank you for asking" said Nick

At supper Kristin mom asked "So Nick how is school going?, do you like the people at the school and do you like it in Iowa?"

"I'm doing great Kristin has been help me out around the school, the students,and the staff here are really nice, i love it here in Iowa it is nice and it is not hot all the time here."

The visit lasted and then after dinner

And then Nick said "Will i think i should go get my books and head home, i will see you tomorrow morning Kristin, have a goodnight i will text you when i get to my home, Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Thompson for the supper bye" said Nick

When Nick got to the house he said hi to his mom and dad and said goodnight to them, he went to his room and text Kristin and told her "tomorrow morning we will go out and hurt in the woods because we forgot to do it today goodnight Kristin."

Kristin text Nick back "ok see you tomorrow morning Nick, and goodnight."

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