The next day Nick met Kristin at her door and went out into the woods to hunt. One of Kristin’s friends saw Nick and Kristin go out in the woods, she decided to watch untill Nick and Kristin come out of the woods, then she saw them come out of the woods. She had to be quiet went she leaves so that Kristin and Nick don’t see or hear her.

She thought she was in the clean untill she steped on a stick and it broke in half, Nick and Kristin heard the stick break in half. Kristin’s friend took off and ran away but Nick, and Kristin wears way faster than her and chased after her and stoped her in place it was Floortje.

“Why are you watching us are you spying on us?” ask Kristin

“I was going to see if you, and Nick wanted to walk to school together then I saw you and Nick go in the woods, why you and Nick would go in the woods so I watch untill you and Nick come out of the woods then, I got scared and snuck-out so you won’t see me please don’t hurt me I will not tell anyone what I saw.” Said Floortje

“Ok we will not hurt you but you can’t tell know one at school or our family” said Kristin

“So what do you think we’re?” ask Nick

“Think you and Kristin are vampires.” said Floortje

“Why do you think that?” ask Kristin

“Because you and Nick always wear a ring on your finger it and wear sunglass to school even if it is not sunny, and are very pale too then I decided to go on the computer at home I looked up information about vampires and that is when I found out your vampires but I had to make sure I was right.” Said Floortje

“Well you are right we’re vampires I have been a vampire since my attack, my dad save me, and when I saw someone getting attack by a bear I saw the face of that person I know how she was so I had to do something. Kristin was talking to me untill she passed out she could hear me, but Kristin wasn’t responding to me at all, and there was no way. I was going to get her to the hospital that fast because she was very far in the woods so I whisper into her ear, and said please forgive me so then I bit her, I got her to the hospital told the front desk that Kristin got attacked by a bear in the woods I was right beside Kristin when she woke-up she didn’t remember anything about the bear attacked her she had know clue what happened” said Nick

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