"Kristin do you have a place to stay?" ask the officer

"Yes i do have a place to stay i'm going to stay with Mr. & Mrs. Summer, Nick's mom and dads house." said Kristin

"But i'm going to need to get clothes out of my room can i go inside to go to my room and pack some clothes officer?" ask Kristin

"Yes you can Kristin, go inside" said The Officer

"Nick can you help me out pack some clothes?" ask Kristin

"I will help you out Kristin." said Nick

Nick and Kristin went inside the house and went upstairs to Kristin's room so she could pack some clothes.

"So your parents don't mind me staying over at their house?" ask Kristin

"My mom and dad don't mind it at all my mom asked me where i was going i told her, she said "If Kristin need a place to stay she can stay here with us." said Nick

Kristin got two defuel bags from her closet and began to pack the clothes. She had no clue how long she will be there so she pack 8 outfits and 5 pairs of pjs.
After they finished packing Nick and Kristin started going down the stairs Kristin forgot to get the necklace and ring that her mom and dad gave her for her 14th b-day she it grabed them off the table right beside her bed she put the necklace on it was a heart and on the another side it said We Love You and then she put on the ring it was her moms ring she gave her then Nick and Kristin headed down stairs again and went out the door of the house.

"Do you have all you need Kristin and do you and Nick want a ride to the house" ask the Officer

"I have everything i need and no thanks it is not that far from here thanks for asking officer" said Kristin

Nick and Kristin started heading to Nicks mom and dads house

Nick asked "Are you going to be ok Kristin? and remember i'm here to talk to if you need to talk"

"I don't know if I'm going to be ok i didn't get to say goodbye to my mom and dad, and thanks for coming Nick, and i know you are always here for me." said Kristin

When Kristin and Nick got to house right when they walked in the house Nick's mom gave Kristin a hug and "I'm sorry to hear what happened to your parents." said Mrs. Summers

"Kristin this is Elena my mom and this is Stefan my Dad." said Nick

"It is nice to meet you and thank you for letting me stay here." said Kristin

"Who is this right here Nick?" ask Kristin

"This is Jess she is 7 years old she is my sister." said Nick

"Hi Jess it is nice to meet you." said Kristin

"Are you Nick's girlfriend if you are, you are very nice and sweet person" ask Jess

"Yes i'm your brothers girlfriend and thank you for the comment Jess." said Kristin

"I'm getting tried a lot of stuff happened today so I think I'm going to go to bed, goodnight everyone and thank you again for letting me stay here you are very nice." said Kristin

"No problem and Goodnight Kristin." said Elena and Stefan

Nick and Kristin headed upstairs to the guest bedroom Kristin put her stuff down on the floor of the bedroom right beside the closet

"Nick can we go hunting right now?" ask Kristin

"Yes we can go hunting Kristin right now, We'll just go out the back door." said Nick

"But will your mom and dad hear us?" ask Kristin

"No they won't hear us and besides my mom and dad know i go out and hunt at this time" Said Nick

The time was 10:30pm when i go out and hunt.

Nick and Kristin down stairs with no shoes on at all. Then went out the back back door and headed to the woods to hunt something they found some deer's when Nick and Kristin got to the house she got a text messenge from Floortje

"Are you ok? I heard what happened i try to call but you didn't answer your cell phone" said Floortje

"No I'm not ok i lost my mom and dad and i didn't get to say goodbye or to them i love them, i don't what to talk about it." said Kristin

"Ok will not talk about it. Where are you Kristin?" ask Floortje

"I'm at Nick's mom and Dads house, I'm staying here, I was going to ask you but I know you can't talk when you have homework to do. I'm going to go to bed goodnight i will talk you tomorrow Floortje." said Kristin

"Ok Goodnight Kristin." said Floortje

When Kristin got to sleep it was 12:00 in the morning she fell asleep with Nick in his room.

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