Kristin tried to study for her 3 quizzes on monday but when she started to study she would cry after she stoped crying, Kristin took some deep breathes then she started to study again this time she didn't cry, Kristin got a phone call it was Jacob the officer was calling me.

Kristin open the phone "Hi officer do you have news about who killed my parents?" ask Kristin

"Yes I do is Nick with you right now?" ask Jacob the officer

"Yes do you need to talk to Nick?" ask Kristin

"No I need to talk to both of of you, Can you put your phone on speak please?'" ask Jacob the officer

"Ok you are on speaker so what is the news?" ask Kristin

"After you and Nick left I went inside to look around for some clues i found a note on the coffee table the note is for you it says 'ONLY KRISTIN CAN READ THIS NOTE NO ONE ELSE'. So I need you and Nick to come down to the police satiation so you can read the note." said Jacob the officer

"Ok, we are on our way there." said Kristin

Kristin closed the phone, Nick and Kristin got ready to go to the police satation up the road.

"Who would only want you to read the note?" asked Nick

"I think I have a idea who it is it might be my uncle, because he doesn't like me or my mom but he likes my dad." said Kristin

'If he likes your dad then why did he kill him?" asked Nick

"I think my dad was protecting my mom." said Kristin

They got to the police satiation when they walked into the police station a woman name Ash.

"Are you here to see Jacob?" ask Ash

"Yes we are, he called Nick and I and asked us to come to the police station." said Kristin

"I will take to Jacob so your Kristin, are you the girl who lost her parents?" ask Ash

"Yes i'm that girl." said Kristin
got to Jacob's office come on in Nick and Kristin, have a seat." said Jacob

Nick and Kristin sat in the chairs Jacob handed Kristin the note she opened the note, the note said "Dear Kristin, I come by to the house to visit you and your mom and dad but they said you were at school so i decided to leave you a present by killing your mom and dad. Love your Uncle p.s. if you need a place to stay you can stay me"

After I read the note I started to cry.

"Kristin what didn't the note say?" ask Nick

"Nick it was my uncle he killed my parents he said i decided to leave you a present Kristin by killing your mom and dad." said Kristin

"Kristin do you know your uncles name?" ask Jacob the officer

"Think it is Tony." said Kristin

"Can I go back to Nick's house?, I'm really tried" ask Kristin

"Yes you can I will make sure your uncle is behind bars, Kristin get some rest you need some sleep." said Jacob the officer

Kristin and Nick got in to the car and started to drive back to the house, Nick started to talk to Kristin he looked over she was sound a sleep.

When Nick got to the house he woke up Kristin jumped and hit her head on the roof of the Car.

"Nick where are we at?" ask Kristin

"We are back at the house you fell asleep on the way back from the police station, Kristin lets go inside so you can go to sleep." said Nick

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