Nick and Kristin walk in to the house and had headed upstairs Kristin went it to the guess room she
put on pjs that was still in her dufful bag. Kristin got to the bed and Nick gave Kristin a kiss on the
Check and said "goodnight sweetheart".
Kristin woke up it was afternoon Nick much have let me sleep in, Kristin started heading down the
stairs Stefan, Elena, Jess, and Nick was in the leaving room watching the News Kristin got to the
bottom the stairs "Good afternoon Kristin did you sleep good?" ask Nick

"Yes i did thanks for asking" said Kristin

Kristin was happy when she heard that her uncle is behind bars now i don't have to worried who killed her
parents. Kristin got a text from girl name Jean "Kristin will you meet me at the park. you can bring a friend
if you want too."

"Jean will meet you at the park but im going to eat something first"said Kristin

"Ok Kristin i will see you at the park" said Jean

"Nick do we know a girl name Jean?" ask Kristin

"Yes we do Jean went to school with in Taxes intill we move" said Nick

"Kristin why did you ask?" ask Nick

" I got a text meg from Jean she want me to meet her at the park." said Kristin

I think about meet Jean at the park but i think i should hunt first. Nick and Kristin went in to
the woods and hunt for deers.

"Nick do you want to go to the park with me so you can visit Jean too.?" ask Kristin

" I will go to the park with you so i can see Jean too i have not seen her forever since i move here"
said Nick

After Kristin and Nick got done hunting they headed to the park holding hands Kristin and Nick have
been going out for 2 years. When Kristin and Nick got to the park Jean run up to them and give them
both a hug.

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