I was just wondering, I am one of the oldest Twilight fans on most of the websites around. I am not shy - I am a proudly obsessed fan at the ripe old age of 43!

How old are you all???

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Hi! I am 34yo mother of two and also a proud obsessed fan!! Most of my friends think im nuts, but I tell them they are the loonies coz they dont know a good thing when they see/read it! One of my good friends, who lives in the US, is 43 and she's as obseesed as the rest of us, so don't think you're the only one, there are plenty of older Twihards out there! :D
Im 20, 21 in Jan
I think I'm like the youngest here. Only 15.
31 Married mother of four, Maybe i am havin a mid life crisis like my husband thinks but, this is my obsession i"m not hurtin any 1 so this is my little own beautiful world when I am reading the books or my heart and mind are engrossed in the movie. CANNOT WAIT UNTIL NOV!!!!!!!
I'm 26 years old so mid age range fan; i think.
I think it's great how woman of all ages can enjoy the books.
26 year old brand new mum! Twilight is my salvation!!
I'm 19!!! Woop woop. I'm sure some of the friends I added are 12 lol. It's good to know there are others older than 16 on this site lol.
Anyone here who thinks they're the youngest members of the site, I turned 13 earlier this year! Am I a baby or what?
Im 39 and am a proud Twifan




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