Kellan Lutz won't be attending now either, filming has been extended.
So first no Peter, now no Kellan.
They have now added the guy who plays Marcus instead.

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This sucks don't really want to go now, none of the main cast are there; it's a bit sad this close.
That is correct Kellan isnt going but that shouldn't stop you for going. When Kel was replaced by Edi in Dec everyone wasnt happy and sold there tickets but these people kicked themselves as Edi was really great.
Im only selling my ticket as all these bills came in and i cant afford to go, but if these bills went away i would be there with bells on
Charlie and Mike aren't going to Melb either. And Charlie is going to Sydney the week before. I do not understad why he can't come to Melbourne. I am so pissed. I had badges made for them! I literally cried, mainly because Kellan isn't going.
Oh i'm still going... with bells on. I have a day ticket so it's still worth it to see and hear what all the other actors have to say.
I'm dragging my older sister with me, didn't want to go by myself.
It's worst for you guys in melb, hopefully they can pass on your badges.
You know i would have loved to see edi too, he seems like alot of fun. Pity they can't add him to the line up.
Insiders word: Kellan did speak to the director to change his filming schedule so he could make it to Australia but as he couldn’t change the filming around so his scenes would be filmed before he left and after he came back he had to cancel.

I’m still going and having a wonderful time anyways. Kellan would of wanted his fans to support his friends and meet them. They also might tell us some stories about Kellan on set.

Its not the people who book Kellan's fault and its not Kellan's fault either. Its a shame he can't come but if anyone is to blame its the director who refused to change his filming schedule so her could make it.

TO EVERYONE - Kellan, Ashley and Peter have all said they will be making an appearance in Australia for another event next year which is in the works now.
Kellan has even said that he enjoyed Australia so much that he is so bummed that he cant make it for tour.

I have been to every twilight convention now and there has never not been a line up change, so you really got to think before buying tickets weather you really want to go even if there is a line up change.
I added it up the other day and iv spent on tickets alone $1268
Oh i forgot to add The Hub are in talks with getting another guest for the Bris/Syd/Melb tours
So you might want to keep an eye out for that announcement in the next few days
Hey hope i didn't offend anyone with my comments, sorry if i did. I just like to whine but i was always going to go no matter who was there, i wouldn't have sold my ticket for anything. It's an experience in it's self.

Another Twilight Convention next year would be cool, see how i go at this one; i'm pretty excited.
I noticed they added Cameron bright too the final lineup, that's pretty cool.

Hope to meet some of you aussie fans out there.

Thanks kellanlover for all your info it helps alot keeping in the know.
Cleo I know where your coming from as the first twi con i was going to back in Dec, Kellan pulled out and as did Ashley. I cried, through chairs across a room but in the end there isn't anything any of us can do. I ended up swapping tickets with a friend who is a major Taylor fan (she went on my VIP ticket and i went on her day ticket). In the end i ended up kicking myself as Edi is one of the sweetest people you will ever met.

Now I'm just grateful that any twilight stars have come here in the first place, the hub are a wonderful bunch of people and when a star pulls out over reasons such a filming they are working over time to find a replacement no matter who it is.They are working very hard to get another Twilight Convention out here for next year and that may very well have some Cullens but with filming schedules it is very hard to predict who is going to be free and who isn't.

We are super lucky to be getting Cameron Bright for tour as he was a very last minuet add to the line up.

And your welcome, I'm always in the know as i work very close to the hub as I'm a mod on Twilight Australia. The name's Naomi btw so you don't have to call me Kellanlover (tho its nice to hear lol)
I will be at tour with a Teddy, his name is ... you guessed it Kellan. If you go on my profile and into my photos you will see that he has met Rachelle lol. She wanted to take him back with her.
So if anyone see's me running about at tour come say hi, i don't bite ... hard lol
lol, cool. See everyone at the convention.
See you there :)




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