Wouldn't it be fantastic if the cast visit Sydney in November/December for New Moon. Fans unite, we have to get organised. Wouldn't miss it for anything!

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yes omg im deffinetley going !
if anyone gets any info please tell mee
That would be awesome to see them visit Australia ... if anyone has details let us know .
Why can't they comet o Melbourne.
It is a way cooler city.

And nothing Happens Like that in Melb.
I mean you guys got the Star Treck on already.
I would say that I wish they would come to canberra but thats never gonna happen, nobody ever comes to canberra.
Yeah, it would be awesome to have the cast here for the premiere. . . But the only problem is that i don't think they would have time, because they would no doubt prioritize America before Australia, and it actually premieres in Australia on the 19th of November, and in America on the 20th.... so i doubt they would come to Australia for one night and then fly back to America in time to do the premiere there... but hen again we can all dream :) and then if not, we will all have to wait untill october to see the cast! :)

See here:
omg i really wan to go to the premiere but have no idea of how to get tickets! if you guys are going in a big group i am so there!
Hi just wondering whats happening in October?? someone please tell me. And is anything happening in Australia for Twilight/ New Moon>? Get back to me please...hollywood_babe94@hotmail.com
Yes! But Melbourne would be better. I was talking about this with a friend, just the possibility of them coming got me jumping up and down screaming and talking so much that I had trouble breathing. Haha.
I don't care where in Australia it is, I will go anywhere. I'd love Canberra though cause nothing ever happens here, and we need something huge to happen to let the rest of the country know we are here!!

has anyone heard anything about how to get any tickets or anything??
hey all, when i went to the premiere for 17 Again the actual premiere was about 2 weeks before it was released.
It was such a let down though cos i dicthed school, waited for about 5 and a half hour and didn't get an autography cos he missed my section cos his bitchy manager made him do interviews then he skipped us, it sucked he was two people away before he got dragged away. Not to mention at my 18th on of my supposed 'friends' stole my camera with the pics of him on it before i'd uploaded them
Anyway so hopefully they premiere a week or two before its released.
All be on the lookout.
Also 17 again went to melbourne so don't feel overly left out.
Yes!!! I am definitely going to red carpet!! Does anyone habve any updated info yet?? Where will premiere be? Date? How the hell do we get tickets!!!!!



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