BELLA is so much in love wid EDWARD .......

That he is the most loving guy for her n she cares very much him!!!!!!!!



On the other note she also loves JACOB a lot.....




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Because Edward is her soulmate her truelove Jacob would of been the person she married if Edward didn't excist, but he does, Bella never would have been truly happy with Jacob there would always be something missing and I think that Jacob is selfish cause if he really did love Bella then he would let her be happy with whoever she choose's and I dont think that Jacob would leave to protect Bela like Edward did Jacob would but his happiness first, like he usually does, and Edward but all his only feeling and happiness aside for Bella sure Edward has he flaws but everyone does. Edward and Bella are Soulmates ans are ment for each other!! if they weren't ment for each other then Edward would have died back in 1918 or they never would have met. Bella and Edward forever!!

Well that's my say anyway!! ;)

u have given a really really heart touchn ans. n i appreciate it....
Thank you!! ;) And Your Welcome!! xoxo
To be honest,I dont think she deserves either one.Shes a temptress who only cares about what SHE wants.Regardless of how anyone else feels and regardless of the consequences of her actions.

At first,I was COMPLETELY anti-Jacob because of the manipulative way he tries to win Bellas heart.But,after careful analysis of the facts,I am Switzerland and have come to a new conclusion. Bella, whether she is diliberately trying to be or not, is the true temptress of the Twilight Saga. And Edward and Jacob are just pawns in her little love game.(I have decided to change charactorization of Bella from "Villain" to "Temptress" because there are some that think "Villain" is too harsh. And I don't think ANYONE can deny that "Temptress" fits her perfectly)

Like all Temptress',Bella is a master manipulator(Not Jacob as I originally thought). She leads Jacob on like a little puppy(no pun intended lol) when she knows shes going to choose Edward in the end. And she dangles her So-called "friendship" with Jacob in front of Edwards face. It's cruel!!! And let's be honest. We all know its not JUST a friendship.In reality,it's an emotional affair.There are more ways to cheat than just physically.If you think about it,an emotional affair is worse. Atleast there is no REAL love behind a physical affair.There are those of you out there that would disagree with me on this.My question to those people is-when does it go from a simple friendship to emotional infidelity?Where is the line drawn?if what Bella does with Jacob is not being emotionally unfaithful to Edward,then what is??I know she was emotionally vulnerable when Edward left and was looking for a shoulder to cry on.But, that doesnt give her the right to push the boundaries of her casual friendship with Jacob as far as she does.Alot of womnen say "well,she was just an innocent,teenage girl in love".I find it very interesting when women complain about how they are portrayed as weak and vulnerable in movies,books etc.Yet when something like this happens,they use that same vulnerability to justify their actions--Ironic isnt it????(now,I am not talking about ALL women. I don't want to receive threatening emails lol.But,lets face it,some women do that. And Bella is the perfect example)She manipulates Jacob by asking him to fix the bikes.(I say "manipulates" because she knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she brought those bikes to him. Like he was going to say no? Yeah right. She knew he was looking for any opportunity he could to spend time with her in order to get her to love him and she used that to her advantage.Even though she had no intention of returning those feelings. That is calculated, pre-meditated manipulation)This only fuels his ego and his determination to get her to fall in love with him.And YET,she wants him to quit trying to win her over!! I mean make up your friggin mind, Bella!! Talk about feeding into the stereotype that all women are indecisive lol

Not to mention all the other people she manipulates to get her way-The Cullens and The Blacks. And she just keeps her mom,Charlie and her friends in the dark altogether. True,she is trying to keep them safe by hiding everything from them.But that's not her only reason. She also knows that if Charlie and Rene knew about what was going on, they would do everything in their parental rights (and maybe even BEYOND their parental rights)to keep her safe and as far away from that hostile and dangerous environment as possible.(Which should have probably happend to begin with.But I understand that there would have been no Twilight Saga if it did)

Now, lets talk about the worst thing Bella does to Edward and the main reason I call her a "temptress". Unlike other vampire stories in which the vampire is trying to corrupt everything good and pure about the human, BELLA is trying to corrupt Edward and steal the last bit of humanity he has left by making him betray his morals and values and everything the Cullens stand for by seducing him into sleeping with her before marriage and turn her into a vampire.(These are the very values that prove to Bella that Edward still has a soul and she is asking him to just go against them!!!! She even admits to doing this at one point in the story! But does that stop her from doing it? Absolutely not!!! She's someone who goes to confession on Sunday and then goes out the next day and does the same things she confessed the day before lol )So,as I said,whether Bella is diliberately trying to be the Temptress or not, she has all the charactor traits OF a temptress.Including manipulation and corruption.Yes,shes only human.However,Even humans can be selfish and manipulative.Is that REALLY an excuse???

She only became the "heroine" AFTER she had gotten everything SHE wanted. It was only till after she was turned into a vampire and had Renesmee that she finally discovered the TRUE meaning of love and heroism-selflessness. That's when the motherly instinct kicked in and she was willing to do ANYTHING to keep her child safe.Finally she she started thinking about someone other than herself. Ironically,she had to become a vampire to go from Temptress to Heroine.I say it's ironic because the title of a "Temptress" is,usually, given to a female vampire not a 17 yr old human girl. In Bella's case,it is quite the opposite haha
Well what I think is that she should be with someone that could give her a kid that would not kill her so I thought in the begin that she should be with edward and then when I read breaking dawn that suprised me




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