My Favourite thing about Edward is that he's a musician :D

It's a garuntee i'll fall for pretty much anyone who'll play piano for me in a romantic way :D

and i love the way that Edward who classes himself as a "monster" can find pleasure and beauty in classical music.

I <3 him so much :D


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I love the fact that his not like most guys, he never brags about himself, and would do anything for Bella, his perfect, reason it took me so long to get a boyfriend...
I love that he loves Bella so much, and he isn't shy about telling her. He would do anything for her, and most (like 99.9%) are not like this!
My favourite thing about him in Twilight is when he first comes into the cafateria and he hears what they are thinking of him and he smiles that iresistably cute smile I ♥ that smile and everything about him so much . x
Well, I just love everything abput him.
He is just so perfect!!!!
I love his smile , his eyes, his hair, the way he walks , the way he loves Bella ...
He's flawless .
Edward I love you .
I love the fact that he is a GENTLEMAN. I also love the fact that he's a musician. And that he loves Bella unconditionally & would do anything & be anything for her. His love is pure.
Ouh, I love my Edward, I love everything about him!!

*kisses and hugs to my dear dear Edward*

very sexy




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