Whys is every1s hearts broken go out and meet some people.hearts shouldnt be broken like the way yalll say they r look ima good friend yalll can add and my heart isnt broken just hear me out yall dont have to add me if yall dont feel comfterble ok. Add Isaiah cullen

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The net has made it possible for people to meet and fall in love that would have,otherwise, never met at all. Sometimes it wors out, sometimes not. It just depends on how devoted you are to the person.Like any relationship, it takes patience,commitment,trust,and honesty. Without that,NO relationship can survive whether its long distance or close distance.I was in a long distance relationship, but even though I was willing to hold on until we were able to finally see eachother,she wasnt.She needed that physical contact. Which I cant blame her for. I just think that if you love someone enough, you can wait as long as it takes until you are able to be together.And the longer you wait, the more special it is when you finally ARE together. Sadly some people are not willing to make that sacirfice. Everyone expects everything right now. Real love requires patience. Just like the patience to wait until marriage to have sex--if you love the person enough,you can wait, Just my personal opinion
I think that is why there are so many broken hearts--no one is willing to make the commitment and put in the patience it takes to have a lasting relationship
I have a very broken heart-it was starting to mend..but....it has just briken even more...
As I have put in earlier post, yes my heart WAS broken, but my son fixed it, and I am now very happily married, and have my son, my heart could be more full. So yeah I think everyone goes through a broken heart at some time in their life, if not I don't belive it. But that's what you do, is get through it. I think that is one of the reasons this group was made, to help others as well as yourself! Thanks y'all!
*smiles*-i dont think my heart can mend..is any1 the same as me???




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