Is it bad to go out with somebody that you don't really like but that person likes you a lot but you know that person is safe so you don't get hurt?!?

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I would say that is taking advantage of him. I know,that has happend to me before once.In conclusion--YES ITS BAD lol
Well, you have to ask yourself what do you want out of the relationship. You also need to be honest to the other person. I think its just wrong to let someone think you want more than you do. You know what bit feels like to have a broken heart, do you really want to do that to them? If you let them know that you aren't inlove with them, and they choose to stay, its their decision. Good luck!
Actually, I am surprised you have to even ask--taking advantage of a guys feelings by going out with him when you dont even like him,just because you think hes "safe" ?? come on Liz,think!! lol
I really feel sorry for the guy if you do go out with him. If I ver found out a girl went out with me just because she thought I was safe(and I have) I'd be crushed
What if the shoe was on the other foot would you want some body to do that to you. no you wouldn't.i have a conscience i want to be able to sleep at no i would not do that to anyone
I'll say the same..if you dont like him then you should not go out with him..imagine someone doing that to you!!
Yes it's bad, you and they both deserve the truth and honesty.




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