If you have just learned to use an image editing program, or have just learned to make banners, you can apply to be a beginner here :)

Simply list some of your work (I'd say 2-3 banners would suffice) and one of the admins will view your work as quickly as possible and then make you a gallery(or you can make one yourself. Just remember to ask an admin for permission to post one first)

We can't wait to see all you aspiring artist work! :D

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I was waiting for someone to post a discussion like this!
I'm willing to help anybody who needs it and I'm sure so is Minnie and Bells :)
@ Bells: LOL so was I xD (But then I decided to do it before anyone else would xP)

@ Sasha: Sure I'll help! :D (I've found out that I LOVE posting tutorials xD lol!)
lol Minnie :)
Awesome :)

i would like to aply!

I hope you like them!!!

I would also like to apply!

@ Jane: Welcome to Butterfly Graphics :D your work looks amazing :)


@ ღJar of Heartsღ: You are so not a beginner miss! (but even if you are, these banners are seriously awesome :D) I am already in LOVE with your work, and I've only just seen these few graphics. You have to tell me what program you used!

I agree. completely fantastic.

Your work looks so...polished. I love it.

Haha, thank you!! I just thought that I was new to the group that I should start here. Anyways, I use GIMP 2.6, I have been doing this for a while, so I am no beginner...

Thank you again... Im now blushing..

Aww, don't blush, you're seriously good! :D You can start as an expert if you want :)
Okay, I would very much like that. :) and again Thank you!




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