It's time for a new comp! :)

This time it's all about a graphic with no words on it, just pics. Just let your creativity flow and let the banner tell the story :) (There are no limits as to what movie/book/song/actress/actor/singer etc. you can use. Just be creative :D)



* No text in the banner! (except for your signatures/watermarks)

* Must be new work

* A describtion of what the banner is about would be nice! :) (And if it has a name, post that too ;D)

* Doesn't have to be your own texture

* Limit: 3



So let your mind run free and go out and search for various pics to use! xD

Good luck everyone! I can't wait to see your enties!! :D


Ends: Nov. 12th

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The comp closes today!
since I'm still at school (I'm writing this from a school computer) and I surpiriseingly got my History-class cancelled, I might have time to quickly make my last entry and then close the comp at about 6 PM (+ 1:00 Greenwich Mean Time).

I hope I'm not being unfair, but I have to go to a school party today, AND I have to be at a friends at about seven, so we can have a little "before party" before the actual party starts at 10.

I will then post the voting tomorrow :D


BTW, all your entries were wonderful! I'm so glad there was such an enthusiastic atmosphere about thos comp! :D (It makes me want to host more in the future ;P)
That's fine Minnie :D
Good :) (I was fearing it wouldn't be enough time, but I'm glad it's okay :D)
My third and last entry :)

Dirty Dancing 2

Describtion: Well, the idea came to me a couple of days ago as I watched the movie, and then I thought it fit pretty well with the theme for the party I'm going to: Salsa :) (It's a cuban invention, which makes this movie fit the theme even more xP)

But I don't have time to ramble on anymore! :S I have to get ready to be at my friends place!
(The comp still closes at about 6 PM + 1:00 Greenwich Mean Time. I will make sure my dad has the internet open until then :D)

Until tomorrow!! :D
Closing now :D

Thanks for all your entries! :D

The voting discussion will be up tomorrow!
Awesome banner Minnie :D




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