Today we are going to learn how to change and alter hair color. This isn't commonly used, but its an amazing effect. Lets begin.


Step 1. Open GIMP:


Step 2. Open the picture you will be using (in my case, Alice):

Step 3. Now that your photo is opened, go to the layer box and select 'New Layer':


Step 4. (make sure it is over the pic you opened) Now, go to the airbrush tool, located in the toolbox:

Step 5. Select the fuzzy brush:

Step 6. Pick the color you desire (I will be using a red):


Step 7. Zoom-in and airbrush the entire hair section:


Step 8. Once that is done go to 'eraser' to dab the places the brush got outisde the hair:


Step 9. Go to the layer box, on mode select 'overlay':

VOILA! Red Hair!



Step 10. Continue editing the image as you wish:

[No Picture]


Step 11. When you have completed the editing, save as .PNG, export, and save again:


 My Result:


 -This is easier to do with short hair.

 -The red isn't as effective because the color was too deep (be sure to use vibrant colors!)

 -Another way to get the hair the shade you want is to toy with the opacity.

 -To get the color darker simply duplicate the new layer as many times as you want.

 -Minnie has the Photoshop 3e7y3es tutorial.

 -Sasha has a different way of doing this, if she doesn't post it as a tutorial, ask her.

-Please post your results!




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I'll do the tutorial later when I get on my laptop which is sadly the only comp that can take screen shots.
Already posted my tutorial again :D
i will try it on carlisle!!




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