Hey everyone! This is my gallery where I will post all my work :)

If you have an order for me or need any kind of help, feel free to ask, or fill out one of the order forms below :)

(Yes I made this ;P)


Some more of my work:


Some of my own textures :)

~ Endless


~ Lavender Dream


~ I Dream Of Beaches



* DO NOT claim as your own! (I will find you if you do *growls*)
* CREDIT ME if you use!
* Do NOT manipulate into your own! (Unless you ask me for permission AND remember to credit me on the end product too!)
* Please LINK your work back to ME! I would love to see what you've done with my textures! :D


And here are the order forms :D

(Required if marked with *)

Story Banner (Includes Fanfiction & Book Cover):

* Title:



Texture/Color scheme:
(Of course if you have any specific ideas for a color scheme, or want me to do a texture specifically for the banner, feel free to tell me :) I will do everything I can, to make the banner exactly as you want it to look :D)

* Pictures:
(It would make me very happy[and get the banner done sooner xP lol] if you provided me with the pics you want me to use in the banner)

(Only if you want me to read some of your story to get a basic idea behind the emotion(s) of it)

Character Banner (Includes Fanfiction, Celebrities & More):

Name of Story:

* Character(s) Name(s):


Profile Pic:

* Username:


Texture/color scheme:

Group Banner (Can be for other sites as well):

* Name of the group:


* Pic(s):

Color scheme/Textures/Xtra:


* Pictures wanted in the texture

* A specific emotion(s), color(s) that would explain the theme of the texture

Special Order:

Basically anything you have in mind. Just provide me with pictures, title, quote or anything else you need me to use :) Remember to tell me of color schemes or emotions that need to be displayed if you need that too!!

The banner below is an example of a special order I made for a friend of mine on another Twilight fansite :)


I can't wait to get started! :D

Peace out ~

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There so beautiful!

Omg i am in love with the "Endless" Texture. it's sooo beautiful.
I do 2, they're awesome :)
Aww thank you! *blushes*
You're both awesome :D
Welcome :) And thx Minnie :D

Minnie Claudia Cullen said:
Aww thank you! *blushes*
You're both awesome :D
Your endless texture... I may have to use it sometime :) It's amazing
Go ahead :D I'd love to see what you'll come up with for it!
Awesome, thx Minnie :)
You welcome Sasha :D
Sasha is back, I know ;P , but I wanted to post this anyway to show how much we really missed you :D

(The stocks in it are all mine :) If you want I can post the different pics I used :D)

Attached a VERY big version of it :)
I love it so much Minnie!!!! Your amazing!!!! Thx a lot :)
You welcome again Sasha :D
Without your help and tips I'm not sure I would have been able to make a banner like that!




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