Hey everyone! This is my gallery where I will post all my work :)

If you have an order for me or need any kind of help, feel free to ask, or fill out one of the order forms below :)

(Yes I made this ;P)


Some more of my work:


Some of my own textures :)

~ Endless


~ Lavender Dream


~ I Dream Of Beaches



* DO NOT claim as your own! (I will find you if you do *growls*)
* CREDIT ME if you use!
* Do NOT manipulate into your own! (Unless you ask me for permission AND remember to credit me on the end product too!)
* Please LINK your work back to ME! I would love to see what you've done with my textures! :D


And here are the order forms :D

(Required if marked with *)

Story Banner (Includes Fanfiction & Book Cover):

* Title:



Texture/Color scheme:
(Of course if you have any specific ideas for a color scheme, or want me to do a texture specifically for the banner, feel free to tell me :) I will do everything I can, to make the banner exactly as you want it to look :D)

* Pictures:
(It would make me very happy[and get the banner done sooner xP lol] if you provided me with the pics you want me to use in the banner)

(Only if you want me to read some of your story to get a basic idea behind the emotion(s) of it)

Character Banner (Includes Fanfiction, Celebrities & More):

Name of Story:

* Character(s) Name(s):


Profile Pic:

* Username:


Texture/color scheme:

Group Banner (Can be for other sites as well):

* Name of the group:


* Pic(s):

Color scheme/Textures/Xtra:


* Pictures wanted in the texture

* A specific emotion(s), color(s) that would explain the theme of the texture

Special Order:

Basically anything you have in mind. Just provide me with pictures, title, quote or anything else you need me to use :) Remember to tell me of color schemes or emotions that need to be displayed if you need that too!!

The banner below is an example of a special order I made for a friend of mine on another Twilight fansite :)


I can't wait to get started! :D

Peace out ~

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Yeah :D (It has some sort of deepness to it ;D)
i second that :)
:LD (<- he's got a nose!! xD)
(I'm feeling very random right now xP I just watched "Charlie & The Unicorns" again xD Funniest youtube vids ever ;D)
lol ur hilarious :D

So, I know I've been missing for what feels like a thousand years now, but I'd thought I'd make up for it with at least a gazilion banners ;P

Okay, I'll admit, this one took me two minutes to mak (minus the gradient map ;P)


Lyrics: "Dancing" by Elisa



Awesome Minnie :D

Thanks Sasha :) I'm deffinitely getting better xP

These two are the ones I'm most proud of at the time :) They're for the most awesome Twilight AU story ever (rated M, so if you can read it I say: GO TO FANFICTION.NET AND FIND THAT STORY IMMEDIATELY!!! xD)
It's called "The Woods Are Lovely, Dark, And Deep" and is by Christina [known there as bananapancakes7].

Here's the summary: Bella visits a quiet lodge in Forks and she meets the secretive, tormented Edward Masen. Just as their relationship transcends friendship, Edward's past comes back to haunt him in the most brutal way. B&E are human, but oh…there will be vampires. AU.

This story seriously took me back to the feeling of the early days when I first read "Twilight" (yes it's that good [; ) and it only got better from there on :) I recommend - no I DEMAND that those who can read it go do so, beacuse it's seriously one of the best pieces of fanfiction you will ever read. I'm being serious.



Stocks: Google
Edward/Bella Manipulation by me.
Poem: "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost

Stocks: Google, My Own
Poem: "Devotion" by Robert Frost


And yes I KNOW that the girl(Bella) in both banners is Emily Browning and the guy (Edward) in the second banner is Gaspard Ulliel, but before Kstew and RPatz, there was the "Twilight Dream-Team": Emily and Gaspard. So bear over with me please, buit that's how I see them in the fic *sheepish smile* ^_^

you  have soo many pretty banners! <3




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