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title:Bullet of Love
quote:I will do anything to keep you safe
link:don't have one yet

You posted again!
I'll get started (GIMP got working this morning)
Hi me again!
Title: Moonlight Memories
Author: Please put Amy Maynard
Link: ??? I'll just put the link to my website! i dont know if thats what you want but yer? http://moonlightmermoriesbook.piczo.com/?cr=3
Quote/Text: Some love lasts a lifetime, True love lasts forever.

Oh and the first pic is moving as you can see, so it would be still thanks! You also dont have to include the whole picture just get the wolves and the moon! And could you make the cover seem quite dark, include any other picture you may think necessary!
I will get this done for you Riley :D
(and we mean link to your story, when we say link LOL. Perhaps we should have written that xP)
lol! sorry! lol it has a couple of chapter on the website would that be ok? because i cant link my book sorry!
That's alright :)
(It's because we would like to get the "feeling" of a story before we make the banner (if you know what I mean ;P))
Yes i understand! Thank you!
Do you charge for this?
In this group we use our free time to make banners, which is a great hobby of ours :) And since most of our work is for Fanfictions and such(you can look through our different galleries to see what I mean), it would be a bit strange to get charged for them..
(Though a little note with who made the banner, or credit for it, makes our day! :D)
Ok thanks, If i choose the cover then i will deff put the illustrator on there! (you)
Because i am trying to get as many as possible cover to choose from!
thanks for your hard work you put into this it means alot!
You welcome :)




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