Chapter 10: Unintentional complications


BPOV: Campsite

After dinner, Jake handed me a puzzle? Each piece was numbered consecutively, and he told me to remove the pieces one at a time. As the last of the pieces were pulled away, I realized that it was a portrait . . . of me. It was a perfect likeness done in colored pencil. It was so beautiful, I started to weep.

Jake grabbed me in his big arms crushing me to his chest. “ I didn't mean to make you cry honey,” he whispered, wiping the tears from my cheeks with his thumb. Then he lingered there, pressing his cheek against mine. He began kissing the side of my neck, and throat. Uh oh, I wasn't quite prepared for the unexpected emotions that were suddenly erupting inside me.

He turned his face to mine. I could feel his breath caressing me. His lips were so inviting and warm. I responded willingly. What was I doing? He was my friend for crying out loud.

My brain went haywire, and my flammable hormones took possession of me. At that point I really didn't care anymore. I was all over him.“Jake . . .  Jake . . . ,” I moaned softly. Kiss my face off, squash my bones, I thought to myself. I'm melting, melting, I mimicked the Wicked Witch of the West. I felt so wicked too, but strangely, I didn't seem to mind at all.

Then, my stupid conscience had to hit me full force. I broke the kiss in horror, as I realized what I was doing.“ Holy Crow, I don't know what happened just now. Oh, Jake, I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say.”

“Anything but that ,” he murmured.

“But I. . . . , I. . . . I stuttered.

“Shh, Bella, don't say anything.” His lips met mine again, and my heart was in turmoil. I suddenly didn't want him to stop. What was wrong with me?

It was a struggle for both of us, I'm sure, but he finally pulled away, panting. He laughed as he suggested that we both jump in the ocean to cool off. It sounded like a good idea, but it was getting late and the water was ice cold. So we just laid back on the blankets in each other's arms looking up at the moon, and the stars, trying to simmer down.

It was so hard to get up, and ride back to Forks. This time we took the Rabbit.

Before letting me out, he placed a woven bracelet on my wrist. There were beads intertwined among the hemp, spelling out my name. How terribly romantic.

He sighed heavily, and climbed out of the car. He walked around to the other side and held the door open for me.

He kissed me goodnight on my front step, and started to walk away.

“Wait a minute,” I almost shouted. My lips were like a heat seeking missile, heat being the operative word - Jacob's lips being the target. Before he could respond, I grabbed him by his hair, and pulled his mouth back to mine. After several attempts to pry ourselves away from each other,our lips finally came unglued. I inquired, “ Do you want to come in for awhile?”

He looked at me wistfully, and answered, “I'd better not. I seriously doubt if I could control myself around you anymore tonight. It's getting a little bit too hot here.”

“And I thought you were supposed to be a wolf,” I teased.

He started walking backward down the sidewalk, singing, “ If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy, c'mon baby let me know.” He finished, whistling the rest of the tune. As he got to the car, he yelled, “Good night, Bells. Sweet dreams!”

Sweet is right! But would I be able to get to sleep at all tonight?

As he drove away, I could hear Jake singing at the top of his lungs: “Hey there little Red Riding Hood, You sure are lookin' good, You're everything a big bad wolf could want . . . oooww! I mean baaa, baaa?”



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