Chapter 9: Body by Jake

BPOV: Campsite

I'm Too Sexy began to blare over the PA. After removing a long stemmed rose from between his teeth, Jake did an impromptu break dance. I could barely follow his back flips and handstands. I was totally amazed. I was even more amazed as Quil dressed as a cowboy, and Embry, ( in a war bonnet, no less) danced onto the stage from either side, stomping with each beat and moving their shoulders in time to YMCA.I couldn't help laughing out loud, as they went thru the alphabet motions. They looked so ridiculous.

If that wasn't enough, they began scurrying off the stage to Hot, Hot, Hot! like their feet were on fire. But the best was yet to come. The music started up again to the tune of Hot Stuff. There was Jake, pulling off his gloves, one finger at a time, then his sleeves, then the rest of his shirt came away to reveal a bare chest and a turquoise bow tie, and small white cuffs at his wrists. I was laughing so hard, I almost fell over.

The music changed to Rod Stewart's Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, --and he certainly was. I couldn't believe his moves. Those gyrations were as good as Patrick Swayze. Hubba, hubba.

He pointed at me in time to the beat, strutted over to the edge of the flooring and pulled me onstage to dance with him. He let me sit back down after a few whirls on the floor, and then started toward me again while Lets Hear It For The Boy played.

I whistled, and hooted, and applauded loud and long.

When he finally reached me, I couldn't help staring at his abs. I mean they were right there in front of me.

“What?” he asked, looking perplexed.

“Gosh Jake, I feel like I should have brought my laundry along.”

“What's that supposed to mean,?” he snapped, getting a little irritated.

“Well, you've got . . . .uh, quite a washboard there. Not that I don't admire it . . . ”

“Oh,” he actually seemed embarrassed for a change .He walked away from me, to hide his expression, I guessed. Then he cleaned his hands off at the water and soap station.

Just then, Bella Note started to play, and Quil and Embry dressed identically like Jacob brought over a bowl of cut up fruit, some salad and the baked crab. It was all served on blue and white flecked enamelware.

Jake filled the cups with chilled root beer, and we toasted each other.

Quil and Embry leaned over us, and covered our eyes with blindfolds. It was so silly trying to eat like that. Once or twice, I even accidentally touched my hands to Jake's bare chest. I'm sure he loved that.

The meal was topped off with warm, gooey, s'mores.















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