I just saw new moon,and OMG,I was amazed.I have never seen a better movie adapted from a book,they did an incredible job.Afterwords, I got to thinking about something.And I would like everyones opinion.It's not about New Moon,its about the entire series in general,especially the last book-Breaking Dawn.Now,here is the question-As a Christian,do you think the series had a happy ending or a sad ending and why?I see it as a very sad and tragic ending.From Bella's point of view,she didn't seem to care whether she was putting her soul in jeopardy or not by asking Edward to turn her into a vampire,all she cared about was being with him.And as a Christian,I think that is wrong.If Edward had not given into the temptation to turn Bella,Yes,she would have died.But,Edward and the Cullens would have still been able to find a way to save themselves from the vampire curse.And Even if they all became mortal and died,Bella and Edward would still have spent eternity in heaven with eachother.On top of that,they would have still lived on through Renesmee,Thats what children are all about--a peice of each parent living on.THAT is true immortality.By Edward giving in and turning Bella,he definately put his soul in jeopardy AND Bella's.Because,unlike the rest of the Cullens,they had a CHOICE and made it,forgetting their souls.What does everyone think?I'd just like to say,this does not change the way I feel about Twilight,I still love it.But as Christians,this is WHY we should love it.Because makes us think about the most valuable lesson of all--the value of our souls.

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no one has any opinion on this?????????????????????????




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