hey guys i just wanted to know ur favorite books of the saga and why u liked it ^^

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This is a hard decision....
Twilight: This is the start, the first time we see Edward and this vampire world, and all this fantasy, is the start of a new life 4 all who have read the books.... is just a great book!
New Moon: I don´t know why... but I think this could be my favorite book... is really weird because is the most depressing book... and don´t have a lot of Edward like the others... I really don´t like Jacob... he makes Bella be confuse and that why I don´t like him so much... and I totally adore Edward I love all about he!!!!---but 0k this book is great... when Bella start to hear Edward's voice... oh my God this is like one of the happiest moments ever... this bring you hope! soooo great... and then when she saw Alice once more time!! so great...and when they known the Volturi...then Alice with the Porsche soo great!! I totally love New Moon!!!
Eclipse: well talking about Eclipse I cant say to much ... I really don´t feel any especial way.. it is like the "other book" 4 me of course I love it, but because I love Twilight!! any way this is a great book!!
BREAKING DAWN: 0k BD is totally different... and my favorite!! 0k the start is awesome... the wedding just beautiful... and Isla Esme time... a dream... ok when the Jacob's part start it's a 360° change but a good change... even when I'd like more this part since Bella's point of view the Jacob way is totally awesome.... well when it get finished... this is the good part... THE VAMPIRE LIFE.... BELLA AS A VAMPIRE... HER BEAUTY, HER FAMILY, HER AUTO CONTROL, HER DAUGHTER, HER IMMORTALITY..... THOSE MONTHS BEFORE KATE CAME ARE TOTALLY PERFECT A DREAM.... 4 MANY OF US ... AND ALL SHE CAN DO IS GREAT IS LIKE...HUUU I CAN'T DESCRIBE IT!!!!!WHEN THE BEST PART EVER START IS SO COOL KNOW ALL THE VAMPIRES... ALL THE FAMILIES ALL THIS WORLD!! AND THE WAR THE NEW BELLA POWERS... RENESMEE SOO BEAUTIFUL, AND DIFERENT, SO GRACEFUL, AND ETERNAL, AND OH MY GOOD!!!! PERFECT!! AND WELL FINALLY I LOVE HOW BELLA PROTECT EVERYBODY...
Well, u can see.... I totally love Twilight! New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!!! because I love the whole Twilight world...!! bye
ummm...i wuld say....
i like all 4
i like twilight bcuz it really shows wats really going on between the Cullen family
new moon we get to see wats going on with Jacob and the other Quiletes (sorry if i spelled it wrong)
eclipse bcuz we see the resolutions and the problems being made
and Breaking Dawn,bcuz it shows how much Edward and Bella Care for each other, and their luv for their family members too.
I luv them all!!!!
umm i would say Eclipse cuz Edward is back and even thou theres alot of conflict between Jacob and Edward they make it through it!!!!!!!!!! i also love it cuz Bella punches Jacob in the mouth i was lmfao
Ok, well I think all books are great, and... hum, Twilight is Great! because We can know the history of a eternal love -sorry if this is wrong wrote- we meet an beautiful man -ok, no man, vampire- and everything! This book is my favorite in so many ways... New moon like me cuz there is Jacob and I like Jacob, for all his patience and love, he's so funy and he become my bestfriend too, and hey!! we met the volturis!! and Italy, and so many things more!!
Eclipe is good too cuz we know more about "normality" of Edward and Bella's love and we meet a Bella most inmature and funny!
Breaking Dawn is just Perfect! I love Jacob's perspective and how much love to Bella, I adore when Bella "woke up" and saw for fist time to Edward, our new Edward and the first night together, Renessme and so many more!! all the new vampires, their fantastic powers and.. and... omg! is indescribable!!
the fist and the last books are my favorites books...
Okay well i like all four books, i'm like totally obsessed by them. when i start to read its like i cant put them down.
I'm still on Breaking Dawn though (almost finished). but in other of preference: 1st Twilight
2nd Eclipse
3rd Breaking Dawn
4th New Moon
Dont get me wrong i loved new moon, but bella was hurting so much it was like i was hurting with her, it was also the only
time i actually hated Edward, hw cld he have done dat to her (even though i understood somwhere in the back of my mind)
then he came back which was EXCELLENT. I forgave him along with Bella. Jacob was really cool too. cant forget him, he really took care of bella. Breaking Dawn is the most compassionate book, you really get a tru feel of Bella and Edwards love, for Nessie and the rest of the Cullen family. its like she totally fit in. Edward even changes his tone with bella, sounding like "bella love" evry time he comments he end with "love" its makes me weak.
OMG I LOVE THE TWILIGHT SAGA, I wish this magical world wld never end.
well, i love aaalll the books but i think my favorite book is.......... i'd say....... Eclipse. i love Eclipse cuz it is more dramatic and very interesting. and i really love Breaking Dawn.... it's also very interesting and i love Renesmee soo....... GOSH!!! I JUST LOVE AAALLL OF THEM!!!!!!




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