What are these, exactly? I can name a few, but all that I can name are either totally cliche and were represented by numerous other stories and/or life-lessons, OR can only pertain to someone who is a village-saving werewolf/vampire.

Pray tell me different.

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I don't understand why a new cult--and yes, this is essentially a cult (whether you want it to be or not)--is needed to discuss cliche or really circumstancial ideals.
Wow! Such anger here. First I ask, why join Cullenism if you feel this way? This is just a book, a story that SM wrote because she felt love for it & her characters. Chill out. I fell in love w/it & her characters like so many others. It's not a story about a pedafile or suicide or selfishness. If anything it's about "selflessness". Bella is always the heroine that is looking out for everyone elses welfare. My take on it is, it's about SM's ideas of her "supernatural" vampires & true love & heartache. That love that is so strong that it's painful & you don't want to live w/out that person. I believe that when you truly love someone you give them all of yourself. Of course you still love your family but in the end it's just the two of you. You create your own little world & nothing can penetrate that. And we can't forget what young love is like. So much more painful & heart wrenching. Edwards age vs. Bella's: It's been known in most vampire stories that vampires obviously live forever so they have many mates through their lives regardless of their mates age(age doesn't mean anything to vampires). Bella only sees him as the "17" yr old that he was stuck in time as when he was changed. He's still a virgin like her & hasn't experienced love before, so their in this together. And when she's changed, age doesn't matter anymore. Yes, Edwards suicide attempt was pretty intense but atleast being a vampire & not human SM had him trying to die by acting out so the Vulturi would notice & finish him off. This may be the only thing that I thought was risky putting in the story but it worked. It showed his devotion to her. As far as Bella pushing away her family & friends & turning into a zombie & doing reckless things to hear Edwards warnings, we all deal w/depression in different ways. I can relate to this. I guess it's easy for me to believe in the religion of Cullenism because I feel safe w/these books. And I'm a sucker for true love if you can't tell. Sorry my views are a little scattered, I have a hard time writing it all down, I just have so much to say. I'm sure there are so many other books that people could suggest for a religion over TW but then answer me this question, why are so many people addicted to these books? I agree it is a cult following & I'm addicted! I would definetely let my kids read this when their teens. And I would let them know that I'm there for support & Q & A's when needed. Love & pain are real life experiences that we can't avoid. Personally, I'm not into God so that's probably why Cullenism is easy for me to except. I understand everyone has their own views & this is mine & I'm stickin' to it.




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