Since the soundtrack for TWILIGHT was such a major concern to us fans, what expectations do you have for NEW MOON? What songs and/or bands do you want to see featured?

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Hey i was just thinking evanescene also

Rosie Cullen said:
I agree with Frances...100 Monkeys should be featured in New Moon as well as Rob Pattinson! :)
and evanescence fits it perfectly especially when edward leaves.
OMG!!! I found this song by RyanDan called Tears of an angel. It should be played when Bella jumps of the cliff. I love that song, I sing it all the time. I found a video on youtube with that song playing to a fanmade New Moon video and I loved it so much, it made me cry the first time I watched it. Then I showed my friend who is a major Twilight fan like me and she cryed the first time she watched it aswell!!! TEARS OF AN ANGEL by RYANDAN
Paramore aren't gonna be on the New Moon soundtrack, casue like a bunch of people have confirmed it. That really sucks though, casue Paramore is my favourite band and their music suits the mood of the Twilight saga perfectly.

Frances said:
I dunno if this is true or not..but I read somewhere that the director wants Paramore to do a song from NM.
i think they should brign back the guy who chose the songs for the Twilight Soundtrack because the songs he picked we like, well perfect for it. New Moon needs like slow songs with a depressing tone, cause that's the way Bella feels pretty much the entire film/book.




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