What are your thoughts on considering Cullenism as a religion?

In all seriousness, if Cullenism were to be a real religion, how do you think it would affect the Twilight community?

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i think its valid. so may people hang onto every word f the books lol i mean its almost gospel. when you talk to a true twihrad you can pretty much quote every line of the book or movie
Whoa cmon i think thats' goin a bit too far its all fair we r all obsessed with the twilight series but it shouldn't get that serious.
I think that's going a bit far, really. I mean, it's all good to read the novels moralistically, and see what may be seen as the right way to go about your life, but a religion? The Twilight series is a set of novels for entertainment, not for preaching. I think people would be reading far too much into the books if they went this far. It's just a bit ott, I think.
I think it's all in good fun.
Well....it's as good as any of the others LOL all in good fun people...I kid, I kid
yes we need guidelines for certain vampire situations we might get in lol
I think it keeps all us twihards happy and content. so yes it could be a real religion
at first i thought it was a great idea to make it an actual religion but now that i think about it, maybe it should be confined to people who wouldnt go overboard and tried to turn others into a cullenite or something... like praying to a cullenlord u know... i mean i do that but thats just me! lol
I don't think of it as being a real religion, I just think it's all just good fun. I mean, I annoy the pants off the rest of my friends just rambling on about it, and it would be nice to actually ramble on about it to other people, but I wouldn't build a shrine in honor of Edward Cullen or anything. I mean, it would be fun, but also, even to me, it would be very creepy. No offence to anyone who's contemplating the idea of course....
I don't see it going that far, I mean Twilight is great and all, but if we start to make into a religion, then whole other religions would get offended, and therefore the book will probably be discontinued...and I would hate to see that happen to any book, especially Twilight! So let's keep as something fun we can do, to appreciate the books!
i like twichurch and our discussions and all that, but religion is a belief system based off of how the universe is ran. i dont think that any of the cullens are gonna come and take me to heaven when i die.... i say that we can joke and have twichurch and all our serious discussions and stuff but to consider it a religion would be a little too much
I think the morals that the characters in the story have are a good basis for a religion but that's all :)




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