Cullenism is a group of people who have come together to appreciate the values and ideals represented by the Twilight series. We are not a religion.

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Cullenism is a mass group of people,referred to as Cullenites, who have come together to appreciate the values and ideals represented by the Twilight series. We are not a religion(or a cult,lol) But we will be comparing and discussing Twilight with religion.We are nondenominational and don't intend to make anyone give up their own personal beliefs to be a part of the Cullenism group. We are simply fans who cherish the values of Twilight (not just how cute Edward is)!

TwiChurch will be held every Sunday at 8pm PST/ 9pm MST/ 11pmEst

There will be a designated forum entitled "TwiChurch" to the discussion event , so to be involved with the TwiChurch experience join up with the Group!

In case some of you don't know yet, TwiChurch is a weekly event where we have a topic of discussion related to Twilight. On our first week of the event we had a lot of people in the chat, which got a little hectic, so we decided to host the event in a forum to keep things more simple. I think this next TwiChurch will be even better, and I believe that it will only continue to get better!

So tell your friends and invite them to the experience, and remember:
Peace,Love,and Twilight!

With Twilight the movie out and broadening an already large fan base, some may fear that the new Twilight-obsessed fans may be a little shallow or uninformed due in part to the fact that with a movie out, why do they have to read the book? Some dedicated Twilighter's who began reading and worshiping the series before the newly massed popularity, brought about from the movie, are some what offended when a fan of the movie seems to only think about how hot Edward is and doesn't value themes that the story represents.Some Twilighter's fear that the Twilight fan base is being lumped into a brainless classification. I myself am a little disappointed when I hear something like this happening, but I don't believe it is all bad.

There are wide ranges of people in our world,when something is as great as Twilight and grows and reaches other places,it is going to attract many different kinds of people. This is where we can compare Twilight to religion.

Christianity has grown exponentially from it's beginnings, it has reached many people all over the world. If you have seen from personal experience then you can tell that some people have taken their religious beliefs to extremes, either within themselves or within their community. Some take it upon themselves to know every detail of the Bible,every single aspect of the religion. And then some just follow what they have been taught by others, they don't think it even necessary to read further into it. There are ignorant people out there who don't take the liberty in trying to find the true meaning behind their worship, but then there are people who find the meaning and enjoy it within themselves.

Twilight has reached a point like this. Ultimately we are going to be faced with many different people with very different aspects of their personality's that view Twilight should be worshiped in different ways. Some people aren't reader's so they watch the movie, some people don't like movie's so they never even give the film a shot. It's like celebrating your religion only at your home and not going to church or mass. That is perfectly fine to do. When someone believes in Jesus and chooses not to read the Bible, it is their own way of following their faith. Just as many other people will see Twilight in many different ways. They will either watch the movie, read the series, or skim over the books and watch the film. At the bottom line of it all, Twilight will be known through different mediums and the people of our planet will set forth and find the tellings of the story in different forms. Cullenism is growing.

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Comment by Lora on January 5, 2009 at 6:19pm
It would be very cool!
Comment by AshleyMonet on January 5, 2009 at 6:06pm
i think its cool to be a cullenist and study twiology...... imagine it became an actual religion... like ones u can put on forms and stuff lq2m.... yea that would be cool!!!!!
Comment by Lauren Cullen on January 5, 2009 at 2:00pm
Comment by Alison Genet on January 5, 2009 at 1:14pm

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