Girls, spill it! Any fantasies, dreams, toths, just use ur immagination, lol. Im shure u all had at least one dream, and that u all fantasised about him. If u havent..Girl what the hell is wrong w u?? Start dreaming!



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Hmmmmm! Let me think of which one I can talk about. I fantasized that I see him at a club. Im wearing something very sexy, but smooth and not hoochie momma-ish!!! (LOL). Anyway...everyone is dancing and having a good time, Im dancing by myself. We catch one anothers eye from across the room. Im dancing but he is standing at the bar. Now my eyes begin to call for him to come to me...then my body begins to translate the same thing in creative movements. I see him shift his body in more of an attention stance toward me. Then as he stands there with all black on (looking like he did in twilight when he and Bella were kissing and he jumped back and she said to him don't leave) we begin to walk towards me slowly. When he gets to me we dance very softly, but suggestively dirty. We don't say a word to each other, but we are speaking only with our eyes and breathing. We begin to Kiss and as his hands began to search my body I say to him...Do you want to go? At that momment we leave together and get to a Hotel. In the room we just undress slowly as we watch each other, we never say a word. We kiss again, this time the kissing turns to exploring of the bodies....Ladies the rest is History!!! LOL!!!
I hope I set this up good enough for everyone to tell their dreams, immaginations and fantasies. I want to hear yours!!!
anything invlolving holding that hair of his*drool* and the many, many things id like to do with his 'instruments' down stairs. hehe;);););0 lol someone keep it going. i know there's some dirty minds on here;)
hmmm...first off we could start cuddling, some soft sensual kisses that lead to heavy breathing and panting! All shirts off baby no holding back! now you know what kisses lead to need i say more?? A huge mirror in the room so we could see each other and how our bodies tangle in a snake like pattern.Then some breaking of head boards and some pillow biting! a great spanking on my ass would do just great! some biting wont hurt! afterwords we just lay down skin touching! flesh on flesh gazing into each others eyes! But i won't mind and all nighter!! lol




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