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A real pack with real ranks. This is the Official Eclipse Pack.

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The Pack

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Alphas:Most respected in the pack and leader of pack. First to eat and is always backed up by other wolves.

Name: Skye
Rank: Alpha Female
Gender: Female
Personality: Strong and caring

Name: Echo
Rank: Alpha Male
Gender: Male
Personality: Very Protective

Betas:Second in command, second to eat. Very respected as well and takes over when Alphas aren't around.

Name: Nikki Silver Cullen
Wished Rank: Beta or Delta
Gender: Female
Personality: I'm kind, fun loving and respect my friends (pack) I'm also protective and will fight when necessary.
Appearance: In wolf form I am White with a small amount of grey.

beta male still unknown

Deltas:Also respected and is very close to the Beta wolves and Alphas. Third to eat, third command. Takes over minor problems.

delta female and male still unknown

Elders: High Ranking. Very respected and wise. Even the Alphas come to the elders for advice. They tell pack history to pups and tell stories. (only available to older members)

Shaman: High-ranking.cares for the injured; watches over the older or ill members; necessary to keep the pack in a healthy state. This one wolf is the best healer in the pack. This wolf is allowed to object and higher rank. You are not allowed to ignore this wolf or disobey anything that is health and medical related. (only 1 wolf allowed this rank)

Guardians: High Ranking. These wolves are also respected and trusted and loyal. Only a few special wolves can make it into this honorable rank. They act as protectors for the pack and run off threats. ( you must earn this rank so don't ask for it)

Warriors: High Ranking. These wolves are under the training of Guardians. Only a few of these wolves get picked to become Guardians.

Healers: An very important rank. These wolves are the life support of our pack. They tend to wolves wounds and make sure none get sick.

Fighters: Middle Rank. These wolves run off threats as well and patrol the territory. More wolves are put in this rank.

Guards: Middle Rank. They guard the den making sure no threats are near the den and if they are they run them out or fight.

Scouts: Middle Rank. These wolves run the rain border and territory checking for threats and any strange things. They will check to see it it's safe for the pack to go through. Wolves have to be trusted greatly to be in this rank.

Hunters: Middle Rank. These wolves make sure the pack always has full bellies. Only the best hunters get this rank.

Pup Watchers: Middle Rank. These wolves have to be trusted greatly to be in this rank. Only caring wolves can watch our Eclipse pups.

Eclipse Pups: Eclipse Pack's little second generation. Pups are always watched, taught and protected.

Omega Wolves: Low Rank. These wolves are usually for new pack members. Sometimes a wolf is in this rank as punishment. Wolves in this rank get to eat last as well. These wolves are not allowed mates or allowed to mate during mating season. An Omega wolf is in this rank because they either broke a rule or got in trouble. Wolves in this rank have to earn their trust back and start behaving better in the pack.

Sister Packs: Packs we have peace with and often talk with one another.

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1) Wolves can't physically fight for ranks.2) High ranked wolves MUST be active or the will be moved down.3) No swearing!4) No powers (ex. mind reading, flying, etc)5) These are wolves, NOT…Continue

Started by Skye Feb 11, 2010.

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