Whats your favorite  quote in twiligh ??

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Uhmm...I think when Bella is saying that she is sure about three things and when Edward is asking her Do I dazzle you? =))
yeah nice one
what's yours?
mine hmmm... when edward aske her why he cant buy for her a gift and jacope can? she reply and say that she dont know what to give him back? and he say bella you give me every thing just with your breatheing
p.s sorry for my bad english
Your blood is like a drug to me your like my own personel brand of heroin
your blood is like a drug to me my own personal brand of heroin
he loves her so much
is there someone agree with me ?
hard question..... alot actully<\ but the one that got me cryin was Jacob's sain that he'll fight for Bella until her heart stops beating.....i was cryin like a 2 year old :....(
yh he loves her alright////// too bad it doesnt happen in ths world :P
yeah its too bad i wish 2 have someone love me like that
Well... it's actually very difficult to choose one quote coz there are soo many... if i hav to choose then it would be... umm... i'll tell u 3 for all three of them... firstly....

Bella: About three things i was absolutely positive..... First Edward was a vampire, second... there was a part of him i don't know how dominant that part might be... that thirsted for my blood.... and tird... I was unconditionally and irrevocably in LOVE with him.....

Edward: Bella..... You are my life now......

Jacob: I'm gonna fight for you... Untill your heart stops beating......

So are we refering to the movies? Or books? of Both?

I can't pick just one. There are so many good lines!!
One I can think of right now (that hasn't been said) is when Carlisle says to Rosalie: Bella is with Edward she's part of this family now. And we protect our family. (something like that.)




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